Your turn in the barrell

A FEMALE submariner has been sent home from Singapore and is under investigation after an alleged indecent assault on another female crew member while on shore leave in Darwin. The incident occurred early this month while both women were at a bar in Darwin and is alleged to have involved inappropriate behaviour including groping and sexual advances. Wow!  Another “sailor trying to have sex after deployment” story. Above the fold and on the front page of  The Australian means the editor thought Stewart Cameron’s story was important enough to beat all other incidences of assault, murder, corruption, slavery, forced prostitution and whatever else us imperfect people do on any given day. According to the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) in 2005 an  estimated 44,000 Australians were subject to sexual assault.  Thus we can expect at least 120 people were subject to assault today but only one gets headline treatment. I’m glad Stewart wasn’t around when I was young and learning the difference between appropriate and inappropriate as with his nose for sexual impropriety within the ADF he’d be straight onto me. Seems a bit weird to me.


  • I’d guess that the story got the nod largely because of two factors –
    1. a chance to blame the military for not being better than society as a whole, and 
    2. an opportunity to run the girl on girl action angle and hopefully sell a few extra papers, if either sailor is a looker expect this story to have legs (pun intended).

  • I’d buy that but I notice no other media picked up on the story.  

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