Snowdon still causing grief

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa takes a barely veiled swipe at the Australian Prime Minister on Monday after US Traitor Snowdon raised new revelations that, in early 2013, the Australian Signals Directorate had spied on trade talks between the United States and Indonesia. He should have taken a barely veiled swipe at Gillard as the event happened during her tenure but I gues that doesn’t matter.  He took the barely veiled swipe during a  joint press conference with US Secretary of State and ardent commo, John Kerry, who said;

”We take this issue very seriously, which is why President Obama laid out a series of concrete and substantial reforms,” Mr Kerry said.

”The United States doesn’t collect intelligence for the competitive advantage of US companies, or US commercial sectors.”

The only concrete and substantial reform Obama needs to get involved in is to put pressure on Putin to send Snowdon back or, send in a Seal snatch team and get the bastard under lock and key to shut him up.  He is doing severe damage to the West  aided and abetted by The Guardian, New York Times, Der Spiegel, ABC and SBS and other forces for the destabilization of the western system. Its gone on long enough.

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  • They don’t need to snatch him, kill him, preferably with Polonium-210, it is an old KGB favourite, so the Russians will be partly in the frame. that makes it win/win.
    Why kill him? when one of your people has run off with a heap of your secrets and those of your allies and is handing them over to all and sundry, the onus is on you to end it.

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