Ex Lib leader defects

South Australian politics becomes even more bizare as one time Liberal leader defects to the ALP minority government giving them some security. DEECTOR Martin Hamilton-Smith has warned his former colleagues to drop their personal attacks or face an avalanche of dirt about years of treachery and betrayal in the South Australian Liberal Party. The warning came as his electorate office was vandalised with red paint yesterday with the message: “Deserter. The community won’t forget. Your time will come. Shades of Oakeshott and Windsor who defected and gave us the Gillard/Rudd debacle. I note 54.8% of Hamilton-Smith’s electorate voted for him as a Liberal. I wonder how they feel now?  

One comment

  • I went straight to Sportsbet to see what they were offering on when Hamilton-Smith would challenge the premier for his position.

    Alas, they are not offering such a bet.

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