Scotland forever

Even though I’m a bagpiper Scotland has never featured large in my life, but I’ve taken some interest of late as they look to secede from the UK.  I note 16 year olds are allowed to vote and although I like the demographic, the boys I deal with at the local college have little political sense.  I personaly would be worried if the future of my nation was dependant on teenagers. I note also that of the 40 plus seats the Jocks have in the House of Commons only one is held by a conservative.  Wikipedia gives a reasonably positive take on their economy but as a stand-alone country with a socialist/Left wing voting record I would be less positive. Let’s see what happens today. And no, we don’t have to change our flag if Scotland secedes, as some idiot in todays The Australian’s letter page believes.  The Jack in our flag is historical and was the flag in use when we became a nation. I’ll leave the final word on Scotland to PJ O’Rourke  who is quoted a s aying “It is a shit-hole … Cuba with chill-blains” Personally I like the Jocks but I think, on this occassion, they are playing with fire .  


  • To me, the Scots always seemed to have two constant characteristics – bluntness in speech and unswerving loyalty.

    Interesting tale from WWI. I gather a Scottish unit in the ME so much admired the Australian Light Horse they requested permission to wear an emu feather in their caps. The request was refused of course. Too bad; it would have been a nice tradition.

  • Emu feather and a kilt. Tony would love that…lol

    • Think about it mate…we could have a good night in a pub somewhere, sometime. I do travel

      • Perhaps I should have described myself as a “former piper”. I put ’em down one day a few years ago, & realised recently I have never actually got around to picking them back up.
        It is a difficult instrument to play when you’re on your pat Malone. Got a lot of value from it when I was younger.
        Enjoyed every minute of it, but I’ve a feeling I’ll not play again.
        Still got them. Was taught by Sandy Campbell of “Highland House” in Red Hill (& the Brisbane Irish pipe band).

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