Murderer dictating Church Investments

THE priest at the forefront of the Anglican Church’s push to dump millions of dollars in fossil fuel investments on ethical grounds was also responsible for the most ­notorious act of terrorism on Australian soil.
In June 1978, members of the Ananda Marga organisation were implicated by a police informant, Richard John Seary, but his evidence has been discredited. A member of Ananda Marga, Evan Pederick, claimed in 1989 that he had carried out the Hilton bombing on the orders of another member, Tim Anderson. Both men went to prison, but Anderson was acquitted on appeal in 1991. Pederick served eight years in prison.
Evan Pederick is now an Anglican Priest obviously having found God whilst incarcerated for the murder of three Australians. In the  late 70s his God was a part of the Amanda Marga Sect formed in India in 1955 and responsible for the deaths of many who disagreed with the their teachings. Today, Father Pederick heads a parish in the southern Perth suburb of Cannington and has been the driving force of the church’s sell-off of holdings in coal, oil and gas companies. Pederick says;
“The church of God simply can’t profit from an industry that damages God’s creation or which destroys the lives and livelihoods of human beings,” Father Pederick told The Australian. “If we do, we deserve the blowtorch on our belly for it.”
We already know he is capable of murdering people because of his politics, so any motion of his to avoid profit from an industry  which destroys the lives of human beings has to be considered as rank hypocrisy. Over and above that fact, the industry he is railing against has raised the living standards of billions of humans, created millions of jobs and brought about serious input to several nation’s GDP. I wonder if the Anglican Church are embarrassed about this? They should be but I doubt it.  

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  • This person is the priest at my Mother in Law’s church. I won’t be going to the Christmas Carols there this year, I won’t do anything in support of an indiscriminate murderer. I wonder how he goes with the ‘Commandments’? I guess he preaches just 9 of them, being a killer, preaching all 10 would be total hypocrisy.
    The Church of England has every reason to feel ashamed of itself.

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