Hicks, prime idiot and resident

Hicks, prime idiot and resident of Guantanamo Bay lockup for terrorists is being picked up by the left and US haters as a cause célèbre. In this article in the Australian it is claimed he was groomed for terror missions. Whether he is a bigger fish than we originally thought or not, remains to be seen, but I think the salient point is this; he chose to travel to another country and fight a war on the loosing side. In my school of thought, a person is responsible for their own decisions and actions after having reached adulthood and it should be no different in this case. One of the first lessons to be learned when travelling is that you are subject to the laws of the land in which you currently reside. That means, if you are in Thailand and peddle drugs, you might find yourself facing a firing squad. It is no good applying what Australian society sees as just and fair – the rest of the world is not necessarily just and fair. The US is claiming Hicks is not a POW, he is a terrorist and will be tried under that law. He was trying to kill US soldiers, they have captured him – so they have the call. Don’t like it? Stiff! All you can do is make a resolve never to go to another country and get involved in their war. Of course, he is lucky he simply wasn’t shot on site/sight (both fit) which is what the Taliban or al-Qa’ida would have done in the reverse circumstances.