Constitution change

James Patterson in The Australian
There is no place for laws that apply to someone because of their race in 21st-century Australia. Laws aimed at addressing disadvantage should apply because of the needs of the individual — not their skin colour.
He goes on to say;
The change Australia should make to its Constitution is to remove all references to race. The so-called “race power” in section 51 (xxvi), which gives the parliament the power to make laws for “the people of any race”, has no role in our modern, tolerant and diverse democracy. Section 25, which governs how to deal with state governments that restrict eligibility to vote on the basis of race, should also be removed.
That sums up my feelings exactly. A lot of Australian’s are spending time and energy garnering support for the constitutional change that will not make Indigenous life one iota better. It will help some people, both white and black Australians, develop a warm inner glow but it will be of no practical use. A warm inner glows does not create jobs, educate kids, protect women and kids from sexual and physical abuse or give the indigenous citizens a chance for a better life. It will not get the young men motivated to refuse drugs nor will it develop a work ethic. As Patterson says;
At best, it will recite historical facts no one disagrees with and contain aspirational platitudes everyone supports.

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  • It would be no bad thing if Pearson and the others set down precisely what words they want to see in the Constitution, and what words they want deleted.

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