Q and A still in justification mode

The Q and A justification continues Australian journalist Michael Ware, who has spent much of his career reporting on the Iraq war from Baghdad, said that Mallah’s appearance on the program was useful in exposing a wider audience to the views of people who were or had been susceptible to extremism.
“If we don’t have people like Zaky Mallah on a show like this, that’s quite responsibly run and is quite a sophisticated forum, then when are we going to hear their voices?” he said, to murmurs of agreement from the audience.
And exactly why do we need to “hear his voice?” We’ve already heard his “voice” when Mallah tweeted: “Australia has two decent whores, @RitaPanahi and Miranda Dev­ine. Both need to be gang banged on the Sunrise desk. #freedomofspeech love it!” Yep absolutely love it! He was also charged with terrorist acts but got off on a technicality.  However, he was convicted of threatening ASIO agents and with possession of an illegal firearm. We don’t need to hear his voice at all.  He needs to be starved of oxygen until he chokes on his insanity. I’d also like to take Ware’s to task on his description of Q and A  as responsibly run and …sophisticated forum.  It is a forum that regularly lines up a mob of left wing “experts” against a conservative politician with the aim of embarrassing them,  hopefully in a “gotcha” moment. The “experts” they choose are always arguing for same sex marriage, global warming,  boat people being given instant citizenship, how the evil live cattle trade is, how terrible Abbott is, how terrible the Coalition are and how reasonable and compassionate the ALP are. It is sophisticated in a lefty kind of way but I wouldn’t call it responsible.


  • And exactly why do we need to “hear his voice?”
    You could ask the same question of The Australian who featured Mallah on the front page of The Weekend Australian on 22nd November 2003. The feature was called ‘Tortured World of an Angry Young Man’.
    Are they also biased? I don’t recall a hue and cry from the Coalition back then.

    • Something to do with the Australian not putting a convicted criminal in a room with a govt minister, a crowd of civilians and a live TV feed going out, so that whatever message he sends, or act he commits, no matter how odious or violent, will get broadcast, perhaps?

      The funny thing about newspapers v live TV, newspapers go out on delay.

      It must be difficult going through life being a fool numbers, but you don’t have to go out of your way to demonstrate the point again and again, except for that desperate and childish need to be noticed, no matter what the cost. Sad really.

      • Scroll up. Read the original post – And exactly why do we need to “hear his voice?”
        Read my response pointing out that other media outlets had already published his “voice”. The nature of the media (live TV as opposed to print) is a complete red herring.
        If you spent less time and energy in gratuitous abuse, and more on dealing with the issue under discussion, you would make somewhat less of a fool of yourself than you routinely do.
        desperate and childish need to be noticed, no matter what the cost
        I guess the other people who routinely post here, including Kev, who, in case you missed it, actually writes the blog, are motivated by pure and lofty ideals. Perish the thought that they might be attention-seeking.
        Apparently only the politically incorrect can be accused of that…………

        • “a complete red herring” a. from the pathetic arsehole who specializes in lies, moving the goal posts and simple witless bullshit, that is quite special (and I mean ‘special’ in the retarded sense princess), and b. not at all a red herring you fool, what overriding need did we have to hear his voice, via a taxpayer funded channel, when doing so didn’t just potentially put a Govt minister at risk and give a self identifying terrorist a gold standard propaganda channel, but also a room full of other people at risk?
          Poor little numbers, you don’t like having your childish attention seeking behaviours pointed out, so now you go after everyone else? sad. truely sad. perhaps if you tried behaving like a grown up, then the mean people would stop pointing out what a pathetic, childish, sad little girl you are.

          • I’m not sure if you’re a Vietnam Veteran, but if you are, this may help -http://www.vvaa.org.au/vvcs.htm
            I did some ad hoc counselling for them years ago (when I lived in Townsville) and the abusive and disorganised tone of what you’ve posted above is a worry. Tension and agitation, irritability and verbal aggression are all clear clinical signs.
            If you’re not a vet, head off to your GP and get a referral anyway. There’s plenty of help around these days.

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