It’s not racism

Watching ABC Morning news and they seem confused.  The subject of Adam Goods come up and apparently people are booing him at matches whenever he touched the ball Their take on the matter was racism. I’ve got an alternative thought – people don’t like him because as a  hulking 6 foot plus fit footballer he publicly singled out a pudgy, naive 13 year old teenage girl for ridicule in the national media. Way to go hero. People simply don’t like men who abuse kids.


  • There’s always a very large contingent of indigenous fans at Eagles and Dockers games. Did they boo Goodes? Nup. Was it the racists then? Yep.

    Perth 1910


    Thus wrote a football critic in a recent Busselton newspaper :–“Great
    interest was taken here in the recent.Johnson-Jeffries , boxing contest,
    which led to many heated arguments of the ‘black versus white’ nature.
    So high did the feeling run that it was decided by the majority of the
    Bush football team previous to the recent match not to include any of
    the local coloured coons in their ranks, or to allow any to be played
    in the opposing team. Some of the team, however, objected to this decision, and refused to play themselves unless the darkies were permitted to play if they wished to do so, if selected. Consequently the
    Bush team entered the field minus two or three of their best men. It certainly seems somewhat inconsistent that, while the men have not objected to working with the darkies (Coolbung,” one of the best local players, was until recently employed in the bush), that they should object to entering into sport with them ; and while the son of Ham is not objected to in pedestrian events, why object to him in footballing?”

    Perth 1910 and Perth 2015. The same types are still around and everybody here knows it. A couple of years back I went to my local WAFL oval. A local Noongar chap, ex AFL, who’d just got out of jail for domestic violence was playing. The racists gathered round the drinks van to jeer and abuse him, knowing an opportunity presented to vent their racism by ostensibly attacking his character. The same thing is occurring with Goodes, encouraged by a nasty, politically organised campaign to discredit the Recognise movement by discrediting Goodes, and undermining a future political career for him.

    • There’s always a very large contingent of indigenous fans at Eagles and Dockers games. Did they boo Goodes? Nup. Was it the racists then? Yep.

      I’m sure it’s not that simple mate.

      I’d say these guys would see nothing wrong in anything Goodes does as he would be one of their heroes and that’s fair enough, but outside the world of football there are more considerations.

      Like it or not, agree or don’t, there is anther opinion that doesn’t like the man. Not because of his colour but because of his left wing activism. I come from the SW of WA so I’m familiar with Noongars and have no trouble with them – I just have trouble with Left wingers.

      Goodes calling us all racist based on Pilgers doco Utopia puts himself in a narrow political divide and maybe two thirds of the population don’t share his politics.

      Yes, there are racists around but I’d like to think they are a long way from a majority and we have surely come a long way from 1910.

  • The only problem Goodes has is that he doesn’t know his place. After all, it’s only since 1967 that people of Aboriginal descent were counted in the census. As a schoolboy playing league in FNQ in the late 50s I have clear memories of Kanaka and Aboriginal kids being routinely abused by spectators. Not much has changed in 50 plus years, except that now people are prepared to call it when they see it.

  • So racism is irrelevant?
    Here’s a little quiz.
    Who said these words in May 2013? – The person that needs the most support now is the little girl. People do need to cut this girl some slack
    Many of those those booing Goodes are indeed racist – sad but true.
    But the small pack of media hyenas (amongst them Bolt and Jones) are simply cowards.

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