Radical gay campaign continues

Malcolm Turnbull has publicly come out against the position of Tony Abbott and the Coalition party room on the question of a national same-sex marriage plebiscite.
The Communications Minister, a prominent advocate of same-sex marriage, warned the Prime Minister’s strong disposition for a public vote would become an incessant distraction for the Coalition in the lead-up to the next election and into the next term of parliament.
“One of the attractions of a free vote is it would have meant the matter would be resolved in this parliament, one way or another, in a couple of weeks,”
The main attraction of a free vote is it could possibly pass.
“The reason I have not advocated a plebiscite after the next election is that it would mean that this issue is a live issue all the way up to the next election and indeed at the next election, and if we are returned to office, it will be a very live issue in the lead-up to the plebiscite itself.
The reason that he doesn’t like the idea of a plebiscite is that if the people get a vote, it will not pass and he knows it. Seriously Malcolm, just resign and go back to Labor.

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  • “Seriously Malcolm, just resign and go back to Labor.”

    Hehehe. Malcolm tried that already in the early days of his political “career”. Labor rejected Turnbull back in the day when Laborites were sensible.

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