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Roz Ward needs exposing before he does too much damage to our kids. If you haven’t heard of him then start taking notice, particularly if you a parent.  This weird bloke, because bloke is what he was born, is responsible for a programme in the Victorian education system that is supposedly designed to prevent bullying.  It is nothing of the sort, it is designed to normalize that which isn’t normal. In Roz’s own words;
“… Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. “About gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual – say the words – transgender, intersex. Not just ‘Be nice to everyone. Everyone’s great’.”
There is nothing wrong with being gay, bisexual or a transgender but there is  a lot wrong with primary school kids being fed misinformation that asks them to imagine they are what they are not. To think gender fluidity, whatever that might mean, or to indulge in homosexual role playing. And;
I was the person who set up Safe Schools … in Victoria … To smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited, and continues to benefit, from oppressing our bodies, our relationships, sexuality and gender identities alongside sexism, ­homophobia and transphobia.
From the US College of Pediatricians,
The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.
From Latrobe Uni website
The schools make a commitment to challenging homophobia, to challenging trans phobia and to thinking beyond heterosexuality as the norm.
Hetrosexuality isn’t the norm?  Is he trying to say most people are homosexual, or transgenders…ridiculous. Pushing a Marxist agenda he went further and expressed disappointment that the Australian flag flying over Parliament, along with the rainbow rag, should have been the Red Communist Flag. Another Roz Ward initiative;
The Gender Fairy is a simple story about two children feeling the relief of being heard: Of two children who are taking their first joyful steps toward living as their true selves. It is an educational resource for all children and adults to understand what it might feel like to be a transgender child. For children aged four and up, The Gender Fairy is designed to be read aloud in the classroom, or at home. It includes notes for parents and teachers to aid discussion and learning, completed in collaboration with Roz Ward (La Trobe University).
I’ve got 4 year old grand kids and I’m quite happy to leave them play with dolls and Leggo. Sure as hell won’t be reading them The Gender Fairy, whether it be during their first joyful steps or any time later. More reading; The Quadrant has a fairly detailed expose of Ward and his Marxism and LGBTI ideology.
The founder and coordinator of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) is an avowed Marxist who lives in a fantasy world where communism supports free love and LGBTI lifestyles. The ascension of Roz Ward (left) to the position of sexuality commissar for Australian schools is therefore an unforgivable indictment of federal and state governments
After Roz Ward’s quip about running up the old commo flag he resigned from his post on the LGBTI Taskforce Education Reference Committee. That’s it – just that committee.  I want him removed from the education system totally and barred for getting any closer than 100 metres to any educational institution. Not much chance of that though with the Victorian Premier Andrews labeling all who complain about the progamme as bigots. From Miranda Devine
Yet Andrews has not ­retreated from his dictate that Safe Schools be compulsory in Victorian schools. Nor has he apologised for labelling as “bigots” critics of the program, which includes homosexual role play and gender fluidity training for children. “I get my advice on policy from the experts, not from bigots,” he said two weeks ago when boasting Victoria would not accept federal amendments to Safe Schools, which removed advice to bind breasts and tuck away penises, deleted links to gay sex shops and ­allowed parental input.
I fear we have lost the battle, the Marxist/Left Wing march through our institutions is virtually complete. Coming to a school near you – do you know that teachers aren’t already brain washing your kids? Poor fellow, my country.  


  • WTF is going on in Australia allowing this sort of shit into the place. What has happened to just teaching the 3 R’s in primary schools. They can learn all the other crap in Uni.
    Luckily there are some parents getting together to sort out these degenerates, and I hope they are not put off by the totally useless PC crowd.
    I would rather they taught the kids how to handle a rifle, and defuse a bomb, at least that would seem to be a more worthwhile activity in the light of what some of the bleeding hearts have let them in for.

    PS. Welcome back Kev.

  • That sounds like bait to get a rise out of Ms 1735069

    • If you mean me, I never even thought about numbers Bob, I just honestly don’t like these bastards who use a classroom to brainwash kids.

  • Kev, just to reassure you.
    I returned home yesterday from two weeks’ work in twelve different schools. During that time, I spent many hours in a variety of classrooms in schools in a range of settings (metropolitan, rural and remote) and across all levels (Early Childhood, Junior, Middle and Senior) and in all the sectors (Kindy, Prep, Primary and Secondary).
    I met with parents, worked with teachers, department heads and principals.
    Despite the alleged “Marxist/Left Wing march though our institutions”, I observed no indoctrination, homosexual role play or gender fluidity training. Perhaps they waited until after I left.
    Amongst other things, I did advise schools on strategies to deal with bullying, unfortunately necessary, because every now and then, the students I support (who all have disabilities), cop it from their maladjusted peers. This happens far less frequently in bush schools, because bush kids, whether they have disabilities or not, are all part of the same community. Not so in the city, where schools are sometimes too big and impersonal and the kid with the disability is only noticed by those who don’t know him/her as being different. A good rule of thumb is that school tone is almost always better when the principal knows the name of every child he/she encounters in the playground.
    The underlying principles in most anti-bullying programmes (inclusion, compassion, comprehension, information and valuing of difference), are the same as those used by the Safe Schools Coalition and any good quality teaching resource designed to eliminate bullying and harassment. Generally, if kids are informed, they make good decisions and their behaviour becomes supportive rather than exclusionary. Schools are much more inclusive places now than they were when I started teaching in 1968.
    It took time, hard work and determination for this inclusive practice to develop. I was a Special School principal in a Brisbane outer suburban school in 1983, when I agreed to enrol the first student with Down Syndrome to attend. This was in the face of resistance from some, including a teacher who announced at a staff meeting that the first day a student with Downs (he used the term “Mongol”) arrived, would be his last day at the school. It was. I was happy to endorse his application for transfer.
    The hysteria generated by the Harpics* like Cory Bernadi about safe Schools is a political tactic. It exploits the same fear and loathing of difference exhibited in relation to kids with disabilities thirty years ago by some. It will, in time, be overcome in relation to transgendered and homosexual kids.
    Perhaps you don’t appreciate how dangerous and misguided Bernadi is. He admires some seriously weird people – http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/wendy-tuohy/senator-cory-bernardi-tweeting-roosh-valizadeh-link-is-worse-than-irresponsible-its-dangerous/news-story/dd46d27ab37c8e8bacdb
    The program is not compulsory even in Victoria, by the way. For the programme to be used it must be requested, and have parental approval. It is being taken up, strangely perhaps, by many Catholic and Independent schools. Take a look at the website – http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org.au/news-events
    What is compulsory in Victoria is that principals let the parents know that the resources are available. Whether or not they’re used, and which of them are used is a decision for the school community.
    If I was the principal of a school with a transgendered or homosexual student who was copping stick from his/her maladjusted kids, I reckon I’d be looking for programs to help.
    This might have something to do with remembering a time when I was a regional administrator in the North Western Region (Mt Isa) in the nineties when there were eight student suicides in a twelve-month period. They killed themselves for a variety of reasons, but all were in some way excluded and marginalised, because they were Aboriginal, gay or otherwise different. Many of the boys used firearms. I’m not sure where that leaves learning “to handle a rifle”.
    Ever had a conversation with the parent of a child suicide victim?
    As for Roz Ward – this person is about as representative of education or teachers as Bernadi is of the Liberal party. I’ve been in the business for forty-six years, and have never met anyone vaguely similar.
    So relax Kev – your grandkids are in good hands.

    *Clean round the bend.

    • Re; “I’m not sure where that leaves learning “to handle a rifle”.” Panadol is a nastier way to commit suicide.

  • Hello 17…..

    Although the piece by Wendy Tuohy you linked to is behind a paywall it can be found but, not via your link.

    In plain English, Bernardi thought Valizadeh had written a sensible piece on the weirdness of social justice warriors. Bernardi therefore linked to the article via a tweet. In doing so he was not supporting Valizadeh’s opinions on anything else – as he made clear in a subsequent tweet.

    Perplexingly, you saddled up with Tuohy and went on to claim Bernardi admires some seriously weird people. No he doesn’t. All you can truthfully say is that he thought an article written by Valizadeh was interesting.

    How this shows Bernardi is dangerous and misguided (your words) escapes me. An explanation would be appreciated.

    If you read Bernardi’s blog posts at: http://www.corybernardi.com/blog you will note he is conservative. The notion he would support Valizadeh’s beliefs about rape etc is so stupid as to be absurd. He did not merit Tuohy’s criticism and nor did he deserve the snide Harpics* comment you made about him.

    Your comment that Australian kids are in good hands also puzzles me. Every survey I have read over the last few years indicates our kids are falling behind other developed nations in literacy, numeracy and science. If I am wrong, please point me to a survey which indicates a steady improvement.

    If I am right, is not this poor performance largely due to their teachers? If it is not the fault of the teachers, who is responsible?

  • “In plain English, Bernardi thought Valizadeh had written a sensible piece on the weirdness of social justice warriors.”

    He called it “interesting”. You could apply the same description to just about any comment on anything. It’s telling that he quoted Valizadeh. I wonder what kind of reaction I’d get here, if I described some of Karl Marx’s writings as “interesting”.

    Bernardi is not, by any definition, a conservative. Good luck with reconciling traditional conservative values with his advocacy for unfettered free markets and the intrusion of government into the private lives of individuals in matters like abortion, surrogacy, euthanasia and same sex marriage. He is, however, a reactionary (someone hostile to emancipating those lacking social power). He defends power and privilege against movements demanding freedom and equality.

    “Your comment that Australian kids are in good hands also puzzles me.”
    Measuring educational outcomes is a complex undertaking. Australia ranks 14th worldwide using OECD ratings on test scores in math and science from 15-year-olds in 76 developed nations in 2015. On that scale, we’re ahead of 62 other nations, including the USA which ranks 28th, level with Italy –

    The slightly more comprehensive PISA ratings (Programme for International Student Assessment) have us at 11th place –

    If you look at expenditure per student, Australia is spending slightly below the OECD average, so our system is providing pretty fair value for money. The Yanks, on the other hand, spend way above this average, but the spending is not reflected in their results –

    Much of the difference in outcomes is down to the cultural work ethic. This is the main reason why Asian countries do better than western nations. The Vietnamese get better PISA results than we do.

    I can vouch for that, having taught a bunch of Vietnamese kids straight of the boats in 1977. Aside from the Asian Tigers (Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan) the highest ranking country on the OECD ratings is Finland. Ninety-three percent of Finns graduate from academic or vocational high schools, 17.5 percentage points higher than the United States, and 66 percent go on to higher education, the highest rate in the European Union. Yet Finland spends about 30 percent less per student than the United States.

    It has a lot to do with the status of teachers in Finland. There is a waiting list to get into teaching in Finnish universities. Teachers are highly respected and well paid. They also have a strong union. The last characteristic is about the only one that in this country we share with them. The Finns moved away from highly centralised planning and standardised testing decades ago. Instead they focused their time energy and resources on improving the quality of their teaching force. To teach in Finland, you need a master’s qualification. As a teacher, you are a didactition, a concept totally foreign in the USA (and here, as it happens).

    Read all about it here – http://1735099.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/finland-forever.html

  • Nice deflection shot there 17…

    If you posted that some of Marx’s writings were interesting, I’m sure you would find those who have trudged through any of his soporific material would agree that some of it is precisely that – and why not? It’s not telling to anyone except you that Bernardi quoted Valizadeh – Bernardi thought his article was interesting. It is not the end of days nor is it a “gotcha” to learn he found the article interesting.

    Your comment that Bernardi is not by any definition a conservative is nonsensical. Here is one of many similar definitions: “A social conservative wants to preserve traditional morality and social mores, often by opposing what they consider radical policies or social engineering. Social change is generally regarded as suspect” That sums up Bernardi pretty well. Again I urge you to read some of his blogs – they won’t hurt you and you might find them interesting.

    Finally, you claimed Bernardi was dangerous and misguided. I asked for an explanation as to why but, you have not provided one. Would you oblige please or withdraw the claim?

    As for education, here is an extract from the Sydney Morning Herald of 31 May 2015: “Concerning to some, Australia’s performance in the PISA tests, held every three years, has shown a steady decline. In 2000, when the first tests were held, Australia ranked 6th for maths, 8th for science and 4th for reading (out of 41 countries), dropping to 19th for maths, 16th for science and 13th for reading in 2012 (out of 65 countries).”

    Now reread the last two paras of my previous post.

    Again I ask – if teachers are not to blame for the decline then who is? Hint: Two of my Sydney based grandchildren ( 10 and 12) often complain to their parents about the degree of propagandising by their teachers in favour of green and pro refugee policies.

    Could it be teachers are spending too much time on social justice tosh and not enough on essential skills?

  • That Bernardi reads Valizadeh is remarkable. That he links to his posts, and then does a snow job on Twitter when criticised is even more so.
    “Social change is generally regarded as suspect”.
    Now that’s a problem. One of the most basic principles of biology is that anything not changing is moribund, or put more plainly, dead. That’s why conservatism as a political philosophy is a failure. But Bernardi is no conservative as he actively campaigns against mainstream opinion on a range of matters, including marriage equality. He linked it to the social acceptance of bestiality. That’s a long way from traditional values given current Australian opinion on the matter – http://www.crosbytextor.com/news/record-support-for-same-sex-marriage/
    Bernardi is dangerous because he appeals to hate and fear. Any politician who does this holds on to power by dividing people, and setting up target groups to be pilloried. It works, but inevitably creates division, and that leads to chaos.
    I’ll give you some advice for free. Don’t get your information about education from the MSM. It’s designed to sell newsprint, and has very little connection to reality.
    I get my information about education from current and timely observation, combined with four decades of experience in the profession, and by staying abreast of current research through journals. You need to disregard most of what you read in the print and electronic media when it comes to education.
    All MSM is interested in ratings (electronic) or circulation (print). Ratings and circulation are driven by sensationalism. Panic stories about failing students are their bread and butter. Australian kids have not become less competent over the decades if you compare their actual academic performance now with where it was decades ago. Generally, within Australia, the results are stable. – http://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED473755
    What has changed is the relative ranking against mostly Asian countries with growing prosperity and expanding middle classes. Funnily enough, many wealthy Asian parents spend gazillions on giving their kids an Aussie education. They wouldn’t be doing that if our schools and universities were as bad as you paint them – http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/0/E0FE4ACEF9C8A65ACA25732C00207596?opendocument#Untitled%20Section_0
    As for your grandkids reporting what they want you to hear – believe it if you want, but it’s not reality in the schools I work in. Any teacher attempting any form of indoctrination these days would last about five minutes. Classrooms are very public places.

  • HRT, I don’t know why you bother, in all his ravings on here, he has never once answered a straight question. He just keeps waffling on trying to justify his presence to all and sundry. I refuse to answer anything, or even try to explain anything because he has shown here that in his own mind at least, he is so far above anyone else. An all knowing first grade prick.

  • Hello again 17…

    If, as you say, the MSM is designed to sell newsprint and has very little connection to reality why do you quote it so often to support your arguments? Any chance you could make up your mind and stick to it? Either accept the MSM as a source or don’t. But, whichever way you go kindly stop the “now it’s reliable now it’s not” tango. It is not a good look to be so consistently inconsistent.

    Only you could take a general description of a political position and turn it into a wonky biology lesson. Are you really so blinkered as to think Bernardi opposes all change? What he doesn’t support is maniacal decision making. Bearing in mind the election results in 1975 and 2013 it’s pretty clear the voting population doesn’t support it either.

    Your claim that Bernardi is a long way from mainstream opinion is no more than your opinion. For a start we’ll see how the referendum on same sex marriage goes. I’ll bet $100 it will be defeated. If I lose the money will go to Legacy. Break the mould and take me on for once 17… You can’t lose, bearing in mind you indicated you know mainstream opinion

    As for what my two grandchildren reported (to their parents not to me by the way), it does’t matter in the slightest that it’s not reality in your schools. It certainly happens in Sydney. Moreover, it also happens on the Gold Coast. Two of my three other grand children experienced it this year. It was so blatant in one case the mother insisted the school give the teacher firm guidance on what she was employed to do.

    Are you really so naive as to believe members of a left wing union would not push the party line to their pupils?

    As for your claim that Bernardi appeals to hate and fear and sets up target groups to be pilloried. Spare me 17…. That is surely one of the most ridiculous statements you have made.

  • “why do you quote it so often to support your arguments?”

    You will notice, if you check my posts, that I quote the MSM when there is no question of fact being argued. When there is, I will use more reliable sources to establish the reality.
    You were arguing that educational standards in Australia are declining. As the data I posted shows, the standards over time are remaining pretty much the same, but many Asian countries (and Finland) are improving theirs in comparison. That’s not a good result, but what you posted is at least a gross over-simplification, and at most completely misleading.

    My biology is not “wonky”. Name me any organism that isn’t growing or changing and is, at the same time, alive.

    “What he doesn’t support is maniacal decision making.”

    So the majority of surveyed Australians (72% wasn’t it) are maniacs? Same sex marriage was certainly not an election issue in 1975, and it was pretty much off the radar as a major issue in 2013. Betting on the outcome of a plebiscite (which I will believe when I see it) makes no difference to the fact.

    Your anecdote about the parent complaint endorses what I posted above about classrooms being very public places. If this alleged indoctrination was rife, we’d be getting constant reports about it. It exists only in the minds of the conspiracy theorists. Teachers, many of whom are politically disinterested, are simply too busy teaching to do anything else.

    As for calling the QTU (for example) “left wing” – you are obviously in blissful ignorance of the trade union movement. State teachers’ unions, because of their size and the fairly conservative nature of the profession, are generally to the Right of the spectrum.

    Bernadi does indeed set up targets. He usually characterizes people he disagrees as morally degenerate (remember his connection between SSM and bestiality). Any reading of recent history reveals this as a successful political tactic, the most recent proponent of which is Donald Trump, and his labeling of Latinos as “Rapists”.

  • Greetings 17….

    As a practitioner of the duck, weave and feint you are without peer. As fast as Muhammad Ali was, I am confident he would never have laid a glove on you. Take a bow old chap.

    I thank you for your lucid explanation as to why 2+2=4 except when it doesn’t. It’s clear that if you are doing the sum it might or it might not.

    In your most recent posts you have taken a stick to the media and warned us yet again of their evil ways. Going back further, you have referred to The Australian as the fart of the nation. Some might guess you have no trust in the media and particularly, the doubly evil Murdoch media.

    But, not so. For now we find you do quote the deceptive and wicked media but, only after rigorous checking. Bollocks 17…

    I noted in a previous post that I no longer followed your links as I learned that often enough they led to a piece which contradicted your argument. I am reasonably confident other readers indicated they had noticed the same thing.

    So here’s an easy one 17… If your checking is so rigorous how come you link to pieces which oppose your argument?

    And, if you can’t get this right why on earth should anyone pay attention to anything else you say?

  • “As a practitioner of the duck, weave and feint you are without peer. As fast as Muhammad Ali was, I am confident he would never have laid a glove on you. Take a bow old chap.”

    Except that if you’ll scroll up you’ll notice that I’ve responded directly to the three points you made (Bernardi represents mainstream opinion, our schools are failing, and indoctrination is rife in our schools) with factual statements that you have completely ignored.

    Who’s ducking and weaving?

    If you argue a point of view you need to produce evidence to support it. Opinion is not evidence. Using the boxing analogy, you have not laid a glove on any of my evidence. Ali won fights because he was as good at attack as he was at defence.

    “So here’s an easy one 17… If your checking is so rigorous how come you link to pieces which oppose your argument?”

    Show me anything I’ve linked to which opposes any argument I’ve made.

  • Love your ducking and weaving 17…

    In fact, it’s so nifty I’m confident that even in bright sunlight, your own shadow can’t keep up with you.

  • “Love your ducking and weaving 17…”

    You have not addressed the three points I made.
    Until you do – you’re the one ducking and weaving.
    To extend the boxing metaphor, you’ve thrown in the towel…………..

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