Obama’s Legacy

Obama has commuted Bradley Manning’s sentence for treason and that says all you need to know about Obama.

In 2013, Manning – a former intelligence analyst in Iraq – was given a 35-year prison sentence after a military court conviction of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. The case ranked as the biggest breach of classified materials in U.S. history.

Bradley, AKA Chelsea is a seriously weird traitor and I hope that Trump can reverse the commutation and put him/her back behind bars.

The whole episode has made a mockery of the Defence and Intelligence people who, while they try and defend the country, their leader tries to bring it down.

RAAF flies first combat mission in Iraq

And doesn’t do anything! The fighter bombers did not launch any missiles and both returned safely to their base in the United Arab Emirates.
Significantly, the combat patrol was a self-contained Australian operation with the Super Hornets controlled by a RAAF Wedgetail early warning and control aircraft and refuelled by a RAAF KC30 aerial tanker. It is understood they were airborne for at least seven hours.
Great work if you can get it.  Cruising around in Flight Sim mode Combat mode on combat pay with little threat and no targets, practicing air to air refueling. C’mon, strike a blow,  you’ve have been over there for weeks.  I note the British government debated deploying their attack aircraft on a Friday and they were attacking on Saturday. We are looking lame.    

Subjugation of women not on

22_niqabgraphic2   Personaly, I think the Niqab, Burka and Chador represent subjugation of women but that’s just me.  If the woman is brought up in a 7th century environment I can see how they wouldn’t think of it like that.  It’s just life, they would think and that is true from their perspective but the rest of the world has moved on. In the West we depend a lot on body lanaguage and no way would I have dealings with some one who is hiding their identity for whatever reason.  If they choose to hide their faces, then in my opinion they choose not to partake of life in Australia.  They can’t enter banks, houses of parliament, shops, Police Stations or any government offices.  I’m not allowed to enter any of these institutions wearing a balaclava so why should they get a free pass.  They also choose to deny themselves the right to a drivers licence and passport. They need to move on but in the meatime I think they should be denied services whilst dressed like a bank robber.    

New security laws

THE Abbott government’s proposed foreign fighters laws would significantly expand the definition of security and extend ASIO’s powers overseas, an independent watchdog has warned. She says that like it is a bad thing. The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Vivienne Thom,  has raised concerns about the bill to crack down on Australians fighting overseas. People travelling to terrorism hot spots could be jailed for five years. Under the proposed laws, enforcement agencies will get extra powers to investigate, arrest and prosecute people who support foreign conflicts. I don’t even want them let back in the country.  Cancel their passports and let them stay in the shithole they originally come from.  If they  truly are Aussie born then jail them by all means, but I’m not sure if five years cuts it.