There’s plenty of Roos, Lee. Plenty!

Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story is a documentary made by Kate McIntyre Clere and Michael McIntyre and suggests we hate the roos and they are at risk of becoming an endangered species.

The Australian has an article here and here we see Greenie and communist Lee Rhiannon getting involved as she recognises the chance to put Australia down.

In The Australian, Phillipa Hawker, reviewing the doco, suggests;

A new documentary finds Australians bitterly divided over a national symbol.

Maybe there’s bitter division in Phillipa’s favourite coffee shop in the CBD but I think 98% of Aussies recognise the Roo as a great animal but that it does damage agriculture and they need to be culled. From the time we were colonised, farmers and town planners have been building tens of thousands of dams thus providing an opportunity for the Roo population to expand exponentially.

The last time I crossed the Nullabor I was driving though mobs as big as depicted in the video below and stuck on low speeds for ten or 20 kilometres at a time.

They aren’t endangered and it’s unlikely they ever will be.

I can understand the Doco makers trying to make a quid based on “look at the poor joey” but Rhiannon?  She just wants to stuff up the country and deny any income from agriculture.

The Communist bitch should be shot. Now there’s a thought – cull the communists.  Now that would be great for the country

I wonder if any of the above have seen this clip?


In June 2017 we had the opportunity to plant 240 hectares of chickpeas, by the end of July half of these had been eaten by the roos and the other half will probably be eaten in the next month. It makes me wonder what proportion of the Greens income is also donated to keeping these native animals alive.

Posted by Michael Hetherington on Friday, 28 July 2017


  • “The Communist bitch should be shot.”
    Now that could prove difficult.
    Dogs, after all, are generally politically agnostic. Very few of them can actually talk.
    If indeed some female dogs are Communists, this lacking of any ability to communicate verbally would make it very hard to determine which ones should be singled out to be shot. I’ve never heard any of my dogs singing the Internationale, although I had a Heeler once who could sing a bit.
    Perhaps you could look at behaviour.
    Starting with our current Blue Heeler – I doubt very much that she harbours any Marxist tendencies. She refuses, for example, to share the doghouse with our Cardigan Coolie unless it’s very cold. She is also extremely reluctant to let strangers leave our property. She’ll let them in but will then corner them and await instructions should they attempt to leave. That is not a behaviour specified in Marx’s manifesto.
    After all, sharing is a concept basic to Marxism but private property is not. My Heeler fails on both counts – she’s obviously not a Marxist.
    But then, maybe you’re referring to those Communists that back in the sixties and seventies (a bloody long time ago) were to be found under the bed.
    Again, these days, what with ensemble mattresses and all, most modern beds are of a construction lacking in any “under”,
    So, with due, respect, Kev, and excusing the canine pun, I reckon you’re barking up the wrong tree.
    You’re also sailing a bit close to “using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence” (474.17 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code – 1995) with the “should be shot” reference, but I doubt too many Greens sympathisers read this blog.
    You’re right about the Roos, though. I hit five all up in my western job between 2007 until I retired last year. Three were in vehicles equipped with Shu-Rus. They don’t work.

  • They probably got their info off that pommy professor who was here a couple of years ago Kev, she said it was a shame that the roos were dying out. Don’t think she got out of the Sydney coffee shops, never mind over the blue mountains.
    Was talking to one of the west aussie blokes on the cruise, he had some good roo shooting stories. Better not put them on here, might upset a snowflake or 2….😁

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