The beach north of Noosa

The beach north of Noosa was pristine, the moon just on the wane from full and still the fish didn’t bite. Of course that’s not the issue here. My son and I lost the window of opportunity to go together so I just took off and enjoyed the solitude. You married guys know what I mean – for 24 hours I wasn’t told how to do things, or when to do them. I was amazed at my ability to drive 250Km without crashing into ‘that car on the left’, or running ‘the red light’. Over and above this I somehow picked up how to drive within the speed limit without being told what the current speed limit sign says. I must be maturing. Mind you, speeding and Series Land Rovers is not necessarily a problem. I am happy to report that even though Bundaberg Rum is now owned by a foreign conglomerate, the standards have been maintained.