The Australian continues on its

The Australian continues on its crusade to beatify Hicks and bring him home for trial so left-wing lawyers can claim abused childhood or some similar abrogating point of law and gain him his freedom. His mother (poor woman) claims; “He should be allowed to be brought home for trial,” she said. “We don’t think David will get a fair trial over in America as Mr Bush doesn’t want him to go free.” Sounds fair enough to me that Bush doesn’t want him to go free but I’m confident he will get a fair trial. Why? Because the US are limiting his access to lawyers who will only argue whether he is guilty or not and not argue over ideologies or some how or other rationalize treason as OK in this new world of reverse standards. Forty years ago he would have been shot if found guilty – thats how serious the world considered traitors. These days, of course, even a right wing conservative old soldier like myself wouldn’t advocate the death penalty but considerable time in prison is a must. Lets revisit his crime. He was fighting for the Taliban; Australian and US soldiers soldiers were fighting against the Taliban; ipso facto, his actions were traitorous. The US captured him and hold him in prison. He should face trial by the capturing army and do some time in prison for a couple of reasons; one – to keep him off the streets were he will most probably do something stupid again, and two; as a reminder to like minded idiots that in spite of the efforts of warm and fuzzies and left-wing idiots in general – if you do the crime – you do the time. I tremble at the thought of the circus that would be visited upon us if the US allowed him home to face trial. Our laws on terrorism are only recently enshrined in law and of course any legal secretary can fight and win against retrospective application of the law. Hicks would have access to thousands of anti US/Bush/Howard legal pro bono malpracticers and pages and pages of poor fellow Hicks coverage from the press. The trial would be a circus of Ringling Brothers proportions.