Young and free

The PM changes one word in our National anthem to appease someone or other.

SBS reports the changes recognize the oldest living culture on earth.  Have the people who write the news even been to school?

Australia has existed since 1788 and only became a legal entity in 1901, which, in the scheme of things, makes us young. I’ll stick to Young and Free and leave One and Free to those who see virtue in virtue signaling.

In the meantime, someone needs to do something to help our indigenous brothers. They are in serious trouble in some places and changing one word in a song they most probably don’t even know is not the answer.

All that’s left now is to wait for the flood of suggested changes from all parties – they’ve loosened the barriers so it’s now open slather.




  • Advance Australia Fair is a dirge, no matter what words are applied.
    It was a slight improvement on God Save the Queen, but that’s about all it’s got going for it.
    This would be a much better national song with half in Pitjantjatjara and half in English. It works for the Kiwis -

    • Come on numbers, divert half your income to the upkeep of a humpy in Northern Territory as part of a protest to ensure some hard earned money gets to the people who need it most. Then you should reconsider the percentage of the song, you wish to proliferate into the Australian psyche, with numbers according to those who want to claim input. Since we are looking at our aboriginal mates being 2% of the population perhaps that might be considered suitable input into the song. English is the language taught in the majority of schools and spoken by the majority of inhabitants. In reality we are one population of a very large island and all should be considered in that way. We are all Australians. We are being split into groups according to heritage and that is not a good thing for the betterment of society as a whole. Even though you volunteered as an aged and unhappy conscript I know you will understand how an infantry section maintains its strength. It is not by giving each rifleman autonomy and enabling the members to act separately to the group. Agree fully with Kev’s last sentence in replies to your BS.

  • Like it or not…dirge or not it is our national anthem and should not be changed to satisfy some minority. They will not be satisfied.

    Half in Pitjantjatjara, half in English. Well that won’t work, will it? The other 250 languages and 800 odd dialect speakers will want it sung in their language It only works in NZ because Maori have only one language.

    One nation, one flag, one anthem.

    • I don’t care where you heard it before. Wherever it is it is not relevant to todays Australia. Note; I make it a point never to click on any link you post. I simply can’t develop the hatred you do and I have no interest in Socialism or Communism

  • “I have no interest in Socialism or Communism”.
    Nor do I, but they are terms used by individuals to abuse when they encounter someone who disagrees with them.
    You can call me a Calathumpian if you want.
    It holds about the same level of meaning.

    • Walks n talks like a duck…

    • If you espouse socialist/communist views and someone makes that observation, then that observation does not constitute abuse. It is a perceived fact by the person making an accurate observation of your views Robert. Calling you a small “c” catholic might indicate that you follow the pope who seems intent on being a politician and apologist for islam. We wouldn’t do that. 🙄 You must have been under some pressure after waiting that long to have your cherry popped by an Asian prostitute. 😜

  • I think you have Teacher Bob, pretty well summed up. Didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to buck the system and avoid the conscription that gave him the opportunity to have an all expenses paid trip in SEA, which actually forged his attitude to face his demons rather than go along for the ride. If he was ever in a fire fight his attitude makes you wonder which way he may have been discharging rounds, and whether his mates had his loyalty. The greatest pity of all is that he has had the opportunity to poison young minds for the majority of his life and no doubt made the most of it.

  • We all share the same ancestor as homo sapiens. all cultures are as old as each other. aboriginal peoples were not alone in failing to evolve beyond stone-age in 1788.

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