Frank Devine on the Movie Australia Australia’s official movie agency has backed 1049 projects. Only seven became movies that attracted enough ticket-buyers to turn a profit. In short, Screen Australia (its new name) has picked 1042 losers, but still hasn’t gone broke.
However, no movie company can expect to flourish here if shackled by the not-sufficiently-Australian standards that recently saw George Miller and Warner Bros abandon filming in Australia of the super-hero flick Justice League Mortal, after being refused film production tax concessions, which Australia got, reportedly after surrendering to government pressure to tack on a Stolen Generations theme.

Now I’d like to know if there is any truth to that story and if there is then we need to haul in the blatant propaganda and expose the film industry in Australia for what it is – a platform for left wing causes.

It is encouraging however that the Australian public are generally ignoring the industry even though they are paying out billions for the privilege of not watching.

I guess it keeps the lefties quiet and contained where they can’t do any damage.


  • The bulk of filming for the Australia movie was completed well before Labor won the federal election. The cast, including well-known indigenous actor David Gulpilil, were booked well in advance of any rebate negotiations. Maybe Baz Luhrmann was pushing his own views. At least he saved you “always righties” on some level. The movie did not depict one single lynching.

  • I don’t quite get the connection between Right and lynching but never mind. I would imagine the people putting the financial package together as not submitting it unless Baz played their tune or, as you say, it may have been Baz pushing his own barrow. Either way it’s dishonest.