Ferals to cost us big money

THE rescue of three anti-whaling protesters aboard a Japanese ship will cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says. Three ferals from the ‘Spike trees and endanger the lives of loggers brigade have joined the ‘ram fishing and whaling ships an endanger the lives of the crew‘ mob and got themselves an invite as guests of the Japanese government. The Australian government has folded and are sending a ship to collect the hippy bastards. The three ferals are a part of a group in SW West Australia called Forest Rescue who have teamed up with Sea Sheppard’s Paul Watson. Read their poetry page to get a better idea of how sick they are Sea Sheppard propaganda from their website;
The expense would not have occurred if the government had lived up to its campaign promise of actually doing something to end illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean.
Bullshit! The expense occurred because three hippies illegally boarded a ship at sea
This was not a Sea Shepherd initiative, we merely assisted. This was an Australian grassroots operation by Forest Rescue, an Australian organization, that took place in Australian territorial waters.
Grassroots! A few ferals living in the South West Forrests doesn’t constitute a grassroots operation. They are just a bunch of ferals smoking dope and spiking trees, a practice that is lethal to tree fellers and mill workers. Some of them were involved in the James Point protest that I witnessed earlier this year when I was at Broome The ferals were trying to stop the James Point Development that the local indigenous guys wanted. My comments then;
What isn’t right is feral hippies coming from all over Australia and overseas to simply stop progress. They couldn’t give a damn about the local aborigines and how they view the project as a way out of their troubles; they couldn’t give a damn about jobs for Aussies or additional infrastructure coming to a remote town and they certainly don’t care about those who want to keep tourism the sole income stream in Broome except, where it suits them to use the locals to hinder progress. They just don’t want any commercial development anywhere to impact on their Utopia that doesn’t include humans other than themselves. The hippies/feral greens don’t even like Broome. it is to hot, remote and poor country for growing marijuana. Should be open season on the bastards.
Sea Sheppard continues;
Australia should bill Japan for the costs. The Shonan Maru #2 had no business in Australian territorial waters and had no business detaining Australian nationals onboard a Japanese ship in Australian territorial waters.
The Shonan Maru #2 wasn’t in our territorial waters – it was 40 k off Bunbury and any Captain has the right to detain ferals who climb on board his ship without permission
If the government had acted quickly instead of believing the false coordinates given to them by the Japanese whaling industry then the three men could have been taken off the ship close to shore.
Why should the government react at all to Watson’s script? He planned the forced boarding and had the videos sent to the pliant Australian media who then put pressure on the government.
The Australian government’s deal with the Japanese is to transfer the men while not having the Shonan Maru #2 slow down so they can continue to tail the Steve Irwin. Why would Sea Shepherd be expected to contribute to an operation that undermines our effectiveness and enables the rest of the whaling fleet to avoid us?
You are expected to contribute because your illegal activities are about to cost the Australian taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.
When a wealthy yachtsman is lost or in trouble in the Southern Ocean, no expense is spared to save him/her and they are not asked to pay for the costs. Why would we be asked to pay when Australians from another organization are simply doing the job that the government said they would do, but are not doing?
the ‘wealthy yachtsman’ line is rubbish. An international agreement exists to save these people going about a legitimate activity. There is no international agreement to save pirates from their illegal and life threatening activities
If the Australian government had a ship on station monitoring the situation, this would not be much of an added expense.
Why should we have to go to that expense and deny such ship’s ability to help where it is relly needed.
The government has blocked and denied our request for tax status in Australia for eight years costing us a great deal in potential resources that would have allowed us to be more effective. In fact, if they had granted us such status we might possibly be in a position to give a donation to the Prime Minister to help her offset the cost of the government’s folly in allowing the Japanese whalers to continue to terrorize the defenceless whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
Exactly what tax status do you think pirates are entitled to? We are about to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars as the media and the government dance to Watson’s choreography. He writes the script for these activities and a good percentage of the country buy it unquestionably without any consideration of his nefarious past. He and his followers are dangerous and should not be allowed port access to Australia. The question of the Japanese whaling is another matter and can only be dealt with through legal international means. UPDATE: A list of Paul Watson lies UPDATE II: Visit and read this piece on Panda-Broad, a girlfriend of one of the ferals. Says it all, really


  • I couldn’t agree more Kev. My 89 year old mother is visiting me at the moment. She’s been watching the hippie scum antics on ‘her 24 ABC’ and remarked this afternoon. “Why don’t the Japanese just throw them overboard and let their pirate friends rescue them?”

    I tend to agree. And her sentiments come from a woman whose father and brothers were killed by the Japanese in Burma.

    “I hate the killing of whales” she says. “But these pirates are turning me off their cause.”

  • I love your mother, PeterW. Down to earth, practical reasoning, and problem solving ability.

  • Thanks Bob. And that despite being an officer in the RAF during WW2.

  • Depends what you mean by big money. Comparisons are interesting.
    Let’s see – cost of sending Oceanic Viking to pick them up – $42000 per day using the MSMs claims for the cost of housing 78 Tamils as a guide – say a weeks’s sailing – $300000 tops.
    Looked at in another way – the vessel has to be costed anyway – whether it’s on operational service or training – cost notionally zero.
    Outcome – the media forgets about illegal Japanese whaling for a while, and not much changes.
    By 2007, Iraq had already cost us $3 billion – who knows what it cost us by disengagement in July 2009.
    Outcome – continuing violence, 114000 civilian casualities, 2.2 million refugees, a coalition “government” that uses terrorism to sort out its sectarian disagreements, and a realignment pushing the country towards a Shite partnership with Iran. There’s also the loss of Paul Pardoel, David Nary and Jake Kovco. And not much changes.
    I know which is better value for the taxpayer dollar.

    • Bobby from Toowoomba, that’s a “week’s sailing” doing something extraneous to the job description, in order to return three criminals to the lucky country. The cost is either a lost week on patrol or training, not a gain as in operating as a taxi for three criminals escaping incarceration or fines. I know $300000 is close to your annual income and therefore counts as nought to you, but the time down is a huge consideration….they after all were not in distress or danger of sinking they illegally boarded a foreign vessel with intent to blackmail the master into taking a course of action other than his own. The customs vessel obviously had to put aside whatever duties it was involved in to take up the chase and rendezvous with the Japanese vessel. I am a big believer in being responsible for your own actions, I think they should have remained on the Japanese vessel and faced whatever consequences befell them. They chose to be there and did so knowing the possible consequences. Just because they’re Strine doesn’t give them a blanket cover to do what they like disregarding maritime laws and good sense. Most of your costings and figures don’t appear logical or relevant in the context here, but then I’m not stamped with an academics outlook on life. You could have tossed in “it costs a lot of money to buy an elephant” and it probably would have made as much sense as a comparison.

  • “$300000 is close to your annual income”
    I wish…..
    You and I know I’m worth that, but I haven’t found anyone yet who’s prepared to pay it.
    Let me know when you find that person, and I’ll happily send bank account details…..

    • Bobby, I won’t be looking for that person old mate (I no longer attempt the impossible) but keep up the search…..somewhere there is a man/woman with a white cane and labrador who can neither reason nor hear, that you may be able to convince that you are worth more than $299000. Whoever it is will vote Greens with a red tinge or you wouldn’t take up the offer.
      Didn’t get a bite about the other eighteen lines.

  • “Iraq had already cost us $3 billion…”

    Looked at in another way – the troops and other assets have to be costed anyway – whether it’s on operational service or training – cost notionally zero.

    Can’t have it both ways shit for brains.

    “Kovco” WTF?

  • “shit for brains”
    In your case it’s obviously on your liver. It’s a pity your parents (if you actually knew who they were) didn’t teach you basic civility.

  • And Kovco?
    I really can’t be bothered. Piss off and Google it. I’ve got better things to do.

  • “…didn’t teach you basic civility.”

    They did, but stressed it is only to be used when conversing with my fellow human beings.

    “I really can’t be bothered.”

    You raised his name. Why?

    Pardoe died in an aircraft crash, Nary in a training accident and Kovco shot himself in the head.

    Oh wait, I see. Your such a scumbag you feel free to use their deaths to make one of your nonsensical political points eh shit for brains.

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