Wotif you are called to order

Here’s a thought.  If you use Wotif you are helping to close down the coal mining industry and by extension, lowering our standard of living and ability to help those in need.  You are also helping to stop millions of Indians escape poverty. An indigenous group trying to block Adani’s $16 billion Car­michael mine in central Queensland has abandoned claims of racism by the National Native Title Tribunal over its approval this year of a mining lease on its traditional lands. Ahead of a Federal Court challenge later this month to the tribunal’s decision in April, native title claimant Adrian Burragubba has also been dealt a blow, being ordered to pay court costs over changes to his original wide ranging legal suit to block the mining leases. Mr Burragubba, of the Wangan and Jagalingou people, originally had accused Adani of improper conduct in giving misleading analysis of future jobs and revenue from the megamine. However;
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Wotif founder Graeme Wood and former Greenpeace employee John Hepburn were involved in setting up a company, The Sunrise Project, to help Mr Burragubba fight Adani. Documents obtained by The Australian detail an offer of a $325,000 payment over one year “to initiate a community development program and explore their alternatives to mining on their country”. A “heads of agreement’’ between The Sunrise Project and a family council of the group, convened by Mr Burragubba, warned that assistance was contingent on continued opposition to the mine.
There should be a law against this type of radicalism and if there isn’t, one should be tabled in the house soonest and backed by LNP and the ALP.

Perpetually Offended

All Australia’s Catholic bishops (The Oz – paywalled) have been drawn into a national test case for freedom of religion and speech after Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commission found they have a case to ­answer over humiliating gay, ­lesbian and transgender Australians by distributing a booklet supporting traditional marriage.
Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteus was initially singled out in a complaint by transgender Greens political candidate Martine ­Delaney that she felt humiliated and that he had breached the ­Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act by circulating a booklet to the parents of Catholic school ­students called “Don’t mess with Marriage”. Ms Delaney, who has changed from a male to a female and lives in a same-sex relationship with a woman, said she was humiliated by the booklet which only paid “lip service” to showing respect to same-sex attracted Australians but actually sent out negative messages about them.
A transgender Greens political candidate who has changed from a male to a female and lives in a same-sex relationship with a woman is always going to be offended and humiliated. Perpetually! Read an article about a hetero couple.  OMG, how humiliating.  An article about live cattle export. OMG, how humiliating.  If I emailed her and told her I drive a V8 she would be upset as well. Now the rules of debate on the SSM issue have been set.  If you think any gender can marry any gender, and there is apparently more than two nowadays, all well and good.  If you don’t, stand by to be called in front of a Kangaroo Court or Anti Discrimination Commission. She seems to afraid of debate and is trying to shut it down. Why? Maybe because most of the country doesn’t care and she knows it.  We have bigger issues to deal with and harping from the perpetually offended SSM/Green Activist crowd doesn’t help their cause.

Filthy bastards

cooks-cottage-in-vic-vandalised I don’t have many historical heroes but Capt James Cook is one of them so the news that Filth in Victoria have vandalised his cottage gets my Irish up. I would seriously go ballistic if I come across them as they did their evil work and believe me 186cm 112 kilo frame would be a ballistic nightmare – there would be no ricochet or deflection with that mass. VANDALS got in ahead of extra security planned for Captain Cook’s cottage over the Australia Day weekend. The Melbourne monument was sprayed with anti-Australia graffiti for the second year in a row early Friday morning, with slogans reading “26th Jan Australia’s shame” and “F*** Australia Day”. Smashed light bulbs were used as makeshift paint bombs, breaking one window and littering the building’s surroundings with glass. Bastards!

The Greens are at it again

Western Australia are trying to open a uranium mine with a view to increase the wealth of the state and her citizens. The Greens, of course, are against this. In a test of Labor’s policy to allow new uranium mines, the federal government is facing pressure to erect new obstacles to the project as the Greens meet this week with Environment Minister Tony Burke.
Greens senator Scott Ludlam called yesterday for new federal reviews of the Wiluna mine, 520km north of Kalgoorlie, because of radiation risk as the yellowcake is trucked thousands of kilometres to Adelaide or Darwin.
Easy fixed Scott! Open up the port of Fremantle and the go away and shut up. It has to be trucked so far because the Fremantle Council (and Port) are contaminated with Greenies and Left wing ideologues that ban uranium moving through the port. The Greens, ideologically obliged to stop any mining of uranium or national development that might lead to greater wealth and an improved ecology have found the obligatory “endangered species” at the mine site. In this case it’s a succulent. Any port in a storm. If no endangered species can be found then I’m reasonable confident that they import one. Not only does Australia industry have to develop in the face of the government stuffing the economy and mining industry by incompetence and class war ideology, but we also have to fight the Greens who simply want to stop all development. There still could be over 550 days of this shit….at this rate it will take years to recover.

Canberra riots

Gillard’s answers questions on the Canberra Black’s camp and radical left wing permanent white student riot The Prime Minister was quick to emphasize that though Tony Hodges had acted in a way that was inappropriate, he “did not misrepresent Mr Abbott’s remarks, nor did he incite violence or a demonstration. Sorry PM, I don’t believe you. My concern is that there exists within the government, and particularly the Prime Minister’s Office, a mindset that understand that the government can’t gain any ascendancy in the polls or with the electorate based on their record, thus all steps must be taken to make Tony Abbott look bad. Tony Abbott’s remarks are continually being misrepresented – a case or two in point “Well that’s one ship that did get stopped” and “Shit happens” The PM went on to say;
…..Mr Hodges tried to contact the Minister for Indigenous affairs Chris Burke who was unavailable and then contacted the representative for UnionsACT Kim Sattler.
Now why would he contact Kim Sattler? Because she is in the same game of trying to damage Abbott’s reputation as is Hodges. What’s the odds that they are on each others speed dial. According to Sattler:
“Tony Abbott is like your typical bar-room brawler who starts a fight and then disappears like a coward when it is in full swing,” she wrote.
And this is, I believe, after she had set him up. In the Canberra Times Kim denies being the go-between
When contacted by the Sunday Canberra Times this morning, Ms Sattler said she had been at the tent embassy but she was not the go between. “I heard it from the crowd,’’ she said.
Which is not how Barbara Shaw, Greens candidate and aboriginal activist remembers it;
“Now I know who she is and what her position [is], it’s really disappointing,” she said. “It breaks my heart to know who she is.” Ms Shaw said she didn’t identify Ms Sattler on sight at the embassy rally but later confirmed her identity speaking to others who were there. “She said I should let people know Tony Abbott is over there, so I did,” Ms Shaw said. “I wasn’t the first person she told and the coffee shop is a public area, but there were already people from here going over there. “I was told and I was told to tell everyone else.”
Grubs, the lot of them!

Ferals to cost us big money

THE rescue of three anti-whaling protesters aboard a Japanese ship will cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says. Three ferals from the ‘Spike trees and endanger the lives of loggers brigade have joined the ‘ram fishing and whaling ships an endanger the lives of the crew‘ mob and got themselves an invite as guests of the Japanese government. The Australian government has folded and are sending a ship to collect the hippy bastards. The three ferals are a part of a group in SW West Australia called Forest Rescue who have teamed up with Sea Sheppard’s Paul Watson. Read their poetry page to get a better idea of how sick they are Sea Sheppard propaganda from their website;
The expense would not have occurred if the government had lived up to its campaign promise of actually doing something to end illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean.
Bullshit! The expense occurred because three hippies illegally boarded a ship at sea
This was not a Sea Shepherd initiative, we merely assisted. This was an Australian grassroots operation by Forest Rescue, an Australian organization, that took place in Australian territorial waters.
Grassroots! A few ferals living in the South West Forrests doesn’t constitute a grassroots operation. They are just a bunch of ferals smoking dope and spiking trees, a practice that is lethal to tree fellers and mill workers. Some of them were involved in the James Point protest that I witnessed earlier this year when I was at Broome The ferals were trying to stop the James Point Development that the local indigenous guys wanted. My comments then;
What isn’t right is feral hippies coming from all over Australia and overseas to simply stop progress. They couldn’t give a damn about the local aborigines and how they view the project as a way out of their troubles; they couldn’t give a damn about jobs for Aussies or additional infrastructure coming to a remote town and they certainly don’t care about those who want to keep tourism the sole income stream in Broome except, where it suits them to use the locals to hinder progress. They just don’t want any commercial development anywhere to impact on their Utopia that doesn’t include humans other than themselves. The hippies/feral greens don’t even like Broome. it is to hot, remote and poor country for growing marijuana. Should be open season on the bastards.
Sea Sheppard continues;
Australia should bill Japan for the costs. The Shonan Maru #2 had no business in Australian territorial waters and had no business detaining Australian nationals onboard a Japanese ship in Australian territorial waters.
The Shonan Maru #2 wasn’t in our territorial waters – it was 40 k off Bunbury and any Captain has the right to detain ferals who climb on board his ship without permission
If the government had acted quickly instead of believing the false coordinates given to them by the Japanese whaling industry then the three men could have been taken off the ship close to shore.
Why should the government react at all to Watson’s script? He planned the forced boarding and had the videos sent to the pliant Australian media who then put pressure on the government.
The Australian government’s deal with the Japanese is to transfer the men while not having the Shonan Maru #2 slow down so they can continue to tail the Steve Irwin. Why would Sea Shepherd be expected to contribute to an operation that undermines our effectiveness and enables the rest of the whaling fleet to avoid us?
You are expected to contribute because your illegal activities are about to cost the Australian taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.
When a wealthy yachtsman is lost or in trouble in the Southern Ocean, no expense is spared to save him/her and they are not asked to pay for the costs. Why would we be asked to pay when Australians from another organization are simply doing the job that the government said they would do, but are not doing?
the ‘wealthy yachtsman’ line is rubbish. An international agreement exists to save these people going about a legitimate activity. There is no international agreement to save pirates from their illegal and life threatening activities
If the Australian government had a ship on station monitoring the situation, this would not be much of an added expense.
Why should we have to go to that expense and deny such ship’s ability to help where it is relly needed.
The government has blocked and denied our request for tax status in Australia for eight years costing us a great deal in potential resources that would have allowed us to be more effective. In fact, if they had granted us such status we might possibly be in a position to give a donation to the Prime Minister to help her offset the cost of the government’s folly in allowing the Japanese whalers to continue to terrorize the defenceless whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
Exactly what tax status do you think pirates are entitled to? We are about to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars as the media and the government dance to Watson’s choreography. He writes the script for these activities and a good percentage of the country buy it unquestionably without any consideration of his nefarious past. He and his followers are dangerous and should not be allowed port access to Australia. The question of the Japanese whaling is another matter and can only be dealt with through legal international means. UPDATE: A list of Paul Watson lies UPDATE II: Visit and read this piece on Panda-Broad, a girlfriend of one of the ferals. Says it all, really