Blewitt takes a caning as Gillard. points out that he is not be trusted as, among other sins, he consorts with prostitutes.  We shouldn’t believe anything he says and should take Gillard’s word before his. Blewitt’s consorting with prostitutes must be different than Thomson’s consorting as his word is to be trusted and his voted counted for the ALP. FORMER Victorian premier John Brumby has launched a staunch defence of his former chief of staff, Julia Gillard, saying he received a glowing reference about her from law firm Slater & Gordon.
The Prime Minister went to work for Mr Brumby, then the state opposition leader, after leaving Slater & Gordon in 1996. Mr Brumby said today he spoke to principal lawyer Peter Gordon about Ms Gillard and it was a “10 out of 10 reference”.
Oh, well that clears that up. Hmm…on second thoughts just a hint Brumby, when people want to get rid of troublesome partners  a glowing reference always helps. Not to be outdone in the confusing picture  JULIA Gillard’s former law firm Slater & Gordon says its representation of AWU official Bruce Wilson, who Julia Gillard personally acted for, gave rise to a conflict of interest that forced it to jettison both Mr Wilson and the union as clients. Conflict of interest! Amazing isn’t it – just because she was the clients mistress and implicated in rorting funds from AWU members. They didn’t mention they had to jettison Gillard as well, I suppose we are expected to take that as a given It ain’t buried yet

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