Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking by Steven Scott at the Courier Mail

The plans for job cuts, privatisation and outsourcing by a conservative government in Queensland provide easy ammunition for federal Labor to throw at its political opponents.

Indications so far are that the Federal Government is planning three lines of attack based on the state plans.

  • Federal Labor will criticise the State Government’s belt-tightening to deflect criticism of its own Budget troubles, arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.
  • Secondly, the Gillard Government will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of unannounced cuts if he wins the September 14 election.
  • And at a local level, Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland to bolster its campaigns in key federal electorates in the state.
All well and good except the voters of Queensland and Australia are very well aware that the reason Newman, and Abbott, if he wins in September, are currently or about to make cuts, is they are simply trying to get the state and nation’s finances back on an even keel after years of ALP throwing money at thought bubbles. Another view (mine);
  • ….arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.  Wow!  the words Gillard should be looking for is “even though we have run out of money leaving our budget $12 billion in the red we think that spending more money is the answer
  • She will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of cuts.  I hope so!  How else can the country recover from the ALP’s criminal waste.
  • Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland.  There will be some anger as a result of Union screams but most Queenslanders understand we have to recover from Bligh’s astronomical debt somehow.
In short, what Stephen is saying is that the ALP will attack conservatives for trying to recover from years of ALP waste – that sounds like a plan to remind the voters of the ALP disasters. Go for it, Julia!  

Deja Vu Gillard

CRIMINALS face the seizure of luxury cars, houses and cash assets under a national blitz to fight gang-related crime.

Julia Gillard today announced a new taskforce to crack down on gangs as she searches for a political circuit-breaker.

I could be wrong but I thought criminals already faced such seizures.  Admittedly I think the seizures are state based but are we expected to believe that this will work given that it sounds like another beer coaster plan.

The Prime Minister called Premier Barry O’Farrell last night to inform him of the formation of the taskforce

Same for the NSW Police Minister;

”I got a phone call last night … my Queensland counterpart got a phone call very late last night. I don’t think the Victorians even got a phone call,” he said.

Mr Gallacher said $64 million wasn’t a lot when spread among the states and territories over four years.

Mmm – a lot of coordination and planning has gone into this one.  The political circuit breaker we really need is 14 September and these thought bubbles and McTernan’s diversional therapy tactics are not going to help her. Why would you believe her?

ALP Disinformation

The Dark Side continue with their “Turnbull would be a better leader” push to try and sow more doubt in peoples mind about Abbott.Today’s contribution is from Windsor, of all people, who claims the Coalition would win with Turnbull. I’ve got news for you Windsor – the Coalition will win with Abbott and you, amongst others, will be out on your traitorous arse. The ‘Turnbull would be better’ line is used in conjunction with the ‘Woman hate Abbott’ line and both are a construct of the ALP. Turnbull is a reasonable operator and has his uses but is a Wet and we don’t give Wets leadership if we can avoid it. The bulk of Coalition supporters will be very pissed off if Turnbull gets the nod not just because he’s not good enough, but for it to happen we’d need a spill in the Coalition. Of course the Dark Side would love that but it would be a death knell for us and it ain’t going to happen. If you are only a casual political buff then be aware, whenever you hear the ‘Turnbull would be better’ line it is ALP born – no Coalition follower would entertain the thought for more than a second ‘Abbott is negative and hates woman’ is quoted daily. Not just in the ALP circles and Coalition hating bloggers, but in the media generally and the polls do support the idea. But, once again, be aware, that it is an ALP invention. An Opposition leader being negative – who would have thought that could be true…amazing….never happened before. Utter rubbish. Rudd, Gillard and Swan were negative in opposition – it’s what oppositions do. They peruse the bills put to the house and if they don’t like ’em – they say so. The ALP fought Howard’s Pacific Solution with gusto and seething hatred and were more negative than Abbott has ever been. The difference being, of course, was that Howard’s Pacific Solution actually worked and was the best of a lot of possible solutions as evidenced by the fact that after years of being negative and calling Howard all sorts of vile names, the ALP had to accept the Pacific Solution and take it on board as their own. Abbott’s negativity,remember it’s his job to call the government to question, has been a little more realistic. He questions the Gonski Review and the NDIS, not because they are necessarily bad ideas but because Gillard has a habit of holding a press conference and announcing another ‘brilliant’ social idea. Unfortunately she doesn’t factor them into the budget – she can’t – the bin is empty – they’ve spent it all. Gillards unfunded policies have the same validity as my intention to buy a brand new Range Rover – ain’t ever going to happen this side of winning lotto. Abbott is also negative about the NBN, cynical might also apply. The government announced what was possibly a good idea but the costs skyrocketed from 2 to 3 billion to 30…40…50 billion based on a conversation between Rudd and Conroy on a flight between Melbourne and Canberra. If there is a business model the ALP are keeping it under lock and key so, I ask you, who wouldn’t be negative, who wouldn’t be cynical? How much is it going to cost and where is the money coming from – it’s not in the budget. So Abbott hates woman or they don’t like him so the story goes. It is reflected in the polls which simply shows people are still swallowing the ALP line. It goes like this; McTernan tells Gillard that she can’t campaign on her governments achievements, there being few; and that her one chance is to try an make Abbott unelectable. Hence the Misogyny speech and the ‘Abbott is negative’ line. Not only that but 20 or 30 years ago he once hit a wall near a woman whilst at uni and he tried to stop abortion drug RU486 therefore he hates women. The Misogyny speech was delivered by Gillard during a debate where she was defending Slipper, the same guy who likened women’s genitalia to bottled mussels in a text to a subordinate. The hipocrisy of that speech and the circumstances of it’s delivery never fails to astound and disgust me. There actually are people who refer to it as if it was a great speech. Abbott is only as negative as his position demands. From the day he became opposition leader up to the day the Writs are issued for the next election his role is to call the government to order on bills that are of questionable value and to pass those that are reasonable which he has done on about 150 occasions. Once in election mode he changes to a more positive role as he starts outlining his policies. It has ever been thus.

How’s it all working out for you so far Julia?


  Gillard announces election to be held on 14 Sep handing the Coalition a huge advantage. Day One – ALP Craig Thomson arrested and charge with 149 incidences of fraud. Day Two – McClelland announces retirement Day Three – Ms Roxon and Senate leader Chris Evans announce retirement How’s it all working out for you so far Julia? Tomorrow should be a lay-day for us punters but certainly not the ALP hierarchy or Rudd’s ‘make him PM again” team as they try and recover from the weeks self inflicted problems or capitalize on them. Can’t wait for Monday.  Will Gillard still be the PM….how many more are planning on retirement….are they deserting a sinking ship or is there a plan? Considering Roxon is involved in the AWU grand theft case maybe we have more announcements next week and she is bailing while she has the option. It’s not unknown for ministers to resign from their positions to set themselves for a run at the leadership but the thought of Roxon or Evans getting the nod is just to much to contemplate.  Evans is the engineer of the open borders policy and Roxon is simply a hatred filled zealot and she claims she wants to spend more time with her family. So do the bulk of the electorate. GIllard says they both come to her 12 months ago to discuss this issue and maybe they did but for them to choose today to resign was obviously a shock to Gillard and leaves the impression of rats deserting a sinking ship.  It would appear at first glance that the ALP are simply not happy with Gillard and I can understand that. Interesting times ahead and I predict matters will come to a head sooner than later.      

Thomson arrested

The new look Julia (wiser and softer) with her McTernan recommended glasses has announced the election date as 14 September.  She hasn’t been to the GG so no writs have been issued….. it’s only words at this stage. In entirely unrelated news Craig Thomson has been arrested and is looking at 150 fraud charges.  Well, I think it’s unrelated – or is it? Slipper next and then what does Gillard do? Running out of options. There was talk this morning that by announcing an election date she could avoid a by-election in case Thomson or Slipper were charged but as I read it the no by-election clause is only relevant after the writs for an election have been called. Considering the politics of the Thomson fraud case I can only imagine the police would be extra extra careful that they had cast iron evidence before cuffing him. How embarrassing for the country. Whatever Gillard’s aim is the press will be all over Thomson for a day or two.  The ALP are ramping up their demand that Abbott should release his policies now so they can find or create mistakes.  Remember attacking Abbott is their only tactic as they can’t campaign on achievements. Abbott, of course has no intention of playing the ALP game and will release policies and costing after the budget is released – at a time and place decided by Coalition tactics, not Gillards Standard procedure.      

I’m a union man and I’m here to help your business!

UNIONS are pressing the Gillard government to impose tighter obligations on companies that receive taxpayer handouts, forcing them to “give back to the community” by purchasing more Australian products and services. The toughened regime is on the agenda in the final talks over an industry statement due within weeks as Labor and the unions negotiate ways to shield manufacturing and construction companies from the damage inflicted by the higher Australian dollar. If ever there was a contradiction in terms it has to be that last sentence.  Labor and the unions Unions do not exactly have a track record of shielding manufacturing and construction companies from anything,  they are more inclined to milk them down the next-to-last dollar of profit.
“When people receive assistance from the commonwealth they have an obligation to give back to the community,” said Construction, Forestry, Energy and Mining Union national secretary Michael O’Connor.
Jesus, now they are quoting Michael O’Connor, one of the PM’s earlier bed mates. They do give back to the community Michael, they pay taxes, employ people who also pay taxes and where prices are competitive, buy local.  If you force them to buy local you could well be forcing them to operate in a competitive world with one hand tied behind their back. Talk to your political unionists, the government, and convince them to make hiring and firing easier, get them cut through the red and green tape and at least put on the appearance that they support small business as well as the workers.    

Another “Plan” from Gillard

RESOURCE and infrastructure giants will be told to spend more heavily with local manufacturing companies in a Gillard government plan due within weeks to aid struggling industries amid fears of a wave of further job layoffs. I presume that plan is in conjunction with her other plan that made products made by local manufacturing companies more expensive due to union control of the workforce, higher utility charges for the green dream and more regulation. Yeah…that must be it.    

Water to Ice – 370 times more expensive

THE future of skating rinks is on thin ice, with the carbon tax causing a number of family-run Sydney rinks to creak under the financial strain.
The policy has also left its mark on commercial ice cube suppliers, making tap water 370 times more expensive by the time it makes its way to the ice cooler in cube form. Another popular skating rink in the Macquarie Shopping Centre is being forced to fork out $10,000 more per month on electricity bills. One family-run rink in Penrith was forced to spend $100,000 replacing the system they had installed in 2000, with the federal government’s carbon tax leaving running costs “astronomically” high.
But these complaints are from small business and when have the ALP cared about them? Carbon tax, the ALP gift that keeps on taking, but, as Wayne Swan points out, Wheetbix still costs the same.


So in summary, when Julia Gillard was living with a self confessed thief whose best mate was also a self confessed thief, she helped them both to set up a ‘slush fund’ designed to steal money from the AWU membership. In what world is that defensible?  


Blewitt takes a caning as Gillard. points out that he is not be trusted as, among other sins, he consorts with prostitutes.  We shouldn’t believe anything he says and should take Gillard’s word before his. Blewitt’s consorting with prostitutes must be different than Thomson’s consorting as his word is to be trusted and his voted counted for the ALP. FORMER Victorian premier John Brumby has launched a staunch defence of his former chief of staff, Julia Gillard, saying he received a glowing reference about her from law firm Slater & Gordon.
The Prime Minister went to work for Mr Brumby, then the state opposition leader, after leaving Slater & Gordon in 1996. Mr Brumby said today he spoke to principal lawyer Peter Gordon about Ms Gillard and it was a “10 out of 10 reference”.
Oh, well that clears that up. Hmm…on second thoughts just a hint Brumby, when people want to get rid of troublesome partners  a glowing reference always helps. Not to be outdone in the confusing picture  JULIA Gillard’s former law firm Slater & Gordon says its representation of AWU official Bruce Wilson, who Julia Gillard personally acted for, gave rise to a conflict of interest that forced it to jettison both Mr Wilson and the union as clients. Conflict of interest! Amazing isn’t it – just because she was the clients mistress and implicated in rorting funds from AWU members. They didn’t mention they had to jettison Gillard as well, I suppose we are expected to take that as a given It ain’t buried yet
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