Water to Ice – 370 times more expensive

THE future of skating rinks is on thin ice, with the carbon tax causing a number of family-run Sydney rinks to creak under the financial strain.
The policy has also left its mark on commercial ice cube suppliers, making tap water 370 times more expensive by the time it makes its way to the ice cooler in cube form. Another popular skating rink in the Macquarie Shopping Centre is being forced to fork out $10,000 more per month on electricity bills. One family-run rink in Penrith was forced to spend $100,000 replacing the system they had installed in 2000, with the federal government’s carbon tax leaving running costs “astronomically” high.
But these complaints are from small business and when have the ALP cared about them? Carbon tax, the ALP gift that keeps on taking, but, as Wayne Swan points out, Wheetbix still costs the same.

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