I’m a union man and I’m here to help your business!

UNIONS are pressing the Gillard government to impose tighter obligations on companies that receive taxpayer handouts, forcing them to “give back to the community” by purchasing more Australian products and services. The toughened regime is on the agenda in the final talks over an industry statement due within weeks as Labor and the unions negotiate ways to shield manufacturing and construction companies from the damage inflicted by the higher Australian dollar. If ever there was a contradiction in terms it has to be that last sentence.  Labor and the unions Unions do not exactly have a track record of shielding manufacturing and construction companies from anything,  they are more inclined to milk them down the next-to-last dollar of profit.
“When people receive assistance from the commonwealth they have an obligation to give back to the community,” said Construction, Forestry, Energy and Mining Union national secretary Michael O’Connor.
Jesus, now they are quoting Michael O’Connor, one of the PM’s earlier bed mates. They do give back to the community Michael, they pay taxes, employ people who also pay taxes and where prices are competitive, buy local.  If you force them to buy local you could well be forcing them to operate in a competitive world with one hand tied behind their back. Talk to your political unionists, the government, and convince them to make hiring and firing easier, get them cut through the red and green tape and at least put on the appearance that they support small business as well as the workers.    

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