How’s it all working out for you so far Julia?


  Gillard announces election to be held on 14 Sep handing the Coalition a huge advantage. Day One – ALP Craig Thomson arrested and charge with 149 incidences of fraud. Day Two – McClelland announces retirement Day Three – Ms Roxon and Senate leader Chris Evans announce retirement How’s it all working out for you so far Julia? Tomorrow should be a lay-day for us punters but certainly not the ALP hierarchy or Rudd’s ‘make him PM again” team as they try and recover from the weeks self inflicted problems or capitalize on them. Can’t wait for Monday.  Will Gillard still be the PM….how many more are planning on retirement….are they deserting a sinking ship or is there a plan? Considering Roxon is involved in the AWU grand theft case maybe we have more announcements next week and she is bailing while she has the option. It’s not unknown for ministers to resign from their positions to set themselves for a run at the leadership but the thought of Roxon or Evans getting the nod is just to much to contemplate.  Evans is the engineer of the open borders policy and Roxon is simply a hatred filled zealot and she claims she wants to spend more time with her family. So do the bulk of the electorate. GIllard says they both come to her 12 months ago to discuss this issue and maybe they did but for them to choose today to resign was obviously a shock to Gillard and leaves the impression of rats deserting a sinking ship.  It would appear at first glance that the ALP are simply not happy with Gillard and I can understand that. Interesting times ahead and I predict matters will come to a head sooner than later.      

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