Deja Vu Gillard

CRIMINALS face the seizure of luxury cars, houses and cash assets under a national blitz to fight gang-related crime.

Julia Gillard today announced a new taskforce to crack down on gangs as she searches for a political circuit-breaker.

I could be wrong but I thought criminals already faced such seizures.  Admittedly I think the seizures are state based but are we expected to believe that this will work given that it sounds like another beer coaster plan.

The Prime Minister called Premier Barry O’Farrell last night to inform him of the formation of the taskforce

Same for the NSW Police Minister;

”I got a phone call last night … my Queensland counterpart got a phone call very late last night. I don’t think the Victorians even got a phone call,” he said.

Mr Gallacher said $64 million wasn’t a lot when spread among the states and territories over four years.

Mmm – a lot of coordination and planning has gone into this one.  The political circuit breaker we really need is 14 September and these thought bubbles and McTernan’s diversional therapy tactics are not going to help her. Why would you believe her?

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  • Do I believe her? Not bl&&dy likely! The states are co-operating quite nicely along with the AFP although additional funding is always welcome. Sounds like another round through her own foot by the pm but some will buy her pander.

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