Let us be clear about

Let us be clear about one thing here. Whether the queue jumpers reach the high water mark, have a picnic in the Port Headland Lions Park or squatt outside Ruddock’s office in Canberra THEY ARE STILL QUEUE JUMPERS. UN groupies, left wing lawyers and wafs (warm and fuzzies) notwithstanding, the elected Government and the vast majority of Australians do not want people just walking/sailing/drifting into this country and using our taxes (Legal Aid) to fight repatriation. Lets be clear about another point; the reason earlier Queue Jumpers are still incarcerated in detention camps is because they choose to be. They and their UN groupies, left wing lawyers and waf supporters are rorting the legal system to appeal against every court decision that says ‘you are here illegally – go home! Further, the reason there are children in detention camps is because their parents chose to take them with them on their search for better social security payouts – in rickety boats across dangerous seas to a land where they are not welcome. Go Home! make application for immigration and if successful you and your family will be welcomed with all the generosity that Australia is known for.