THE Australian Democrats sprang to

THE Australian Democrats sprang to the defence of Labor’s Mark Latham today and said negative gearing should be reviewed. This quote from an article in the today’s Australian should have Latham worried. If you say something that the Democrats support then you should remember that in itself most probable means +95% of the voters don’t agree! Latham’s statement on negative gearing forced Simon Crean to deny Labor had any plans to change their policy. Peter Costello gets the quote of the week with this one. “After eight hours on the job, Mr Latham proposed a new tax, and after 24 hours on the job he was repudiated by his own leader, and he couldn’t hold a policy from Lateline to lunchtime” I wish Latham well with his exhuberence but echoes of the Bankstown Bovver Boy resound in his intemperate language.