Senate Inquiry stinks

Wow, simply wow! A Senate public inquiry has been initiated into the Newman government based on the fact that  Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney refused to give Clive Palmer preferential treatment and approvals to enable development of Galilee Basin coal assets. The Greens supported this move and can I say again “Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney refused to give Clive Palmer preferential treatment and approvals to enable development of Galilee Basin coal assets” That’s funny, I thought one of the Greens major ambitions is to see the coal industry closed down and yet here they are backing a coal baron. Mmmm… maybe they have other priorities. The Senate inquiry is due to be released a week or two before the Queensland elections……Gee, I wonder if the whole idea is just to sling mud at Newman in the state election. Couldn’t be, could it? Pup, the Greens and the ALP wouldn’t stoop that low, would they? The select committee, which will consist of five members but only one from the Coalition, has a reporting date on or before March 27 next year, very close to the date of the next Queensland election. Palmer, who isn’t even in the Senate, and coincidently is seldom in the House where he is charged with working in the interests of Australia, not his business interests, had to get his minions, Senator Private Lambie and Senator, The Brick, Lazarus to move the motion for the inquiry.
Senator Lazarus said people were on the phone to him crying about the way [the LNP] are running QLD – sure this warrants investigation?
Yes folks, that is an adult saying that and actually using the sentence in the debate. As a matter of interest, The Queensland Paliament is accountable to the Queensland people, not the Australian Senate.  The whole exercise is setting a dangerous precedence and is obviously a vengence attack on the Queensland LNP by a businessman who has been refused preferential treatment, as he should have been. I wonder if the Terms of Reference can be broadened to include investigation Clive’s withdrawal of $12 million from a mining development bank account funded by a Chinese partner which Palmer used in his campaign to get the balance of power in the Senate. A balance shared by Lambie and Lazarus. God help us.  


  • It has to be the height of hypocrisy for the Coalition to be crying foul over this senate inquiry whilst at the same time they are happy to run two royal commissions (HIP and Trade Union inquiries) designed purely and simply as political stunts.
    Preferential treatment to cronies and good old boys is part of the political DNA of the LNP in Queensland.
    The irony is that they are in the sights of one of their own – a previous life member. It has a funny side…………..

  • What a sad and disgusting piece of work you are numbers, so desperate for attention you throw out utter nonsense like the above.

    Trade Union inquiry has already brought up a heap of corruption, but you don’t care because it is all just an exercise in getting the attention you crave so desperately. In a 4 year old that is annoying, in an adult simply pathetic.

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