A children’s book author faces

A children’s book author faces a possible $55,000 fine after the Aboriginal owners (?) of Ayres Rock ( I know – it’s called Uluru now but I’m making a statement) moved to take legal action to ban his book about a teddy bear who climbs the rock. The author says he actually took the photo in 1986 before restrictions on the rock were introduced. If he is fined then the forces of political correctness have won. I’m sorry. I consider the rock a national asset and as such there should be reasonable access for all Australians and tourists to enjoy it’s wonder. This we own the rock is political correctness writ large. Ancient Aboriginal tribes walk past the rock, consider it sacred in their stone age thought process and we are not allowed to take photos. Give over! I’m quiet happy for them to earn some dosh for their troubles but they can’t have it both ways. The Aboriginal Elders should be saying. We welcome you to Uluru. It features in our ancient beliefs that included Dream Time and mythical serpents. Such were our beliefs in the days before we were educated. Now, of course, we just marvel at it’s magnitude and beauty and wish all of you to enjoy it’s splendour, take photos and show your children and granchildren in America/Germany/France/Britian or Sydney what magnificant scenery we enjoy in our ancient land. Culture. Yes – different things to different people. Two years ago I drove to Cape York and on the journey, stopped at Split Rock, south of the small town of Laura, to view some Aboriginal rock drawings. While people were working on their warm inner glow about the art I coudn’t help but mention to my bride in sotto voice that about the time the Aboriginal artist was blowing white or red ocre through a straw over his hand to leave a stencil impression of his limb, Leonard DeVinca was finishing Mona Lisa. I know what I prefer.