Bikie gangs back in business?

I just went down to the shops and passed about a hundred bikies all resplendent in their club colours and taking up about a kilometer of road. I take it that under the new Queensland ALP Government crime gangs are once again free to consort and indulge in extortion, prostitution and drug running as in days of yore. I haven’t noticed any press releases on the matter but it must be so.


  • The Newman VLAD legislation was overkill – a solution looking for a problem.
    It’s still in place, so those bikies you saw should have been nicked. The fact that they apparently weren’t reinforces the likelihood that VLAD was a result of QPU influence with the LNP.
    Last time I saw a bunch of bikies was on Anzac Day. They were a contingent from the VVMC marching in the parade.
    Another view –

  • A solution looking for a problem
    Your hatred of us conservatives blinds you. Are you really suggesting that criminal gangs involved in extortion, prostitution and drugs aren’t a problem looking for a solution?

    Ah yes – our veteran brothers who only gather because they are veterans. Unfortunately their web page links to all the other MC gangs so their innocence is in doubt. The first link I followed, The Rebels, had the numbers 1% and 13 prominent on their page. The 1% (not the 99% of society that are lawful and god fearing)and 13 (13th letter in the alphabet – M for Meth or marijuana)

    You stick up for ’em mate. Me, I’ll continue to consider Bikies as yet to be charged and jailed criminals of the worse kind.

    • I don’t hate anyone – let alone “Conservatives”.
      Any analysis of Qld crime statistics reveals that the VLAD laws made no difference to crime rates. Criminologists (Assistant Professor Goldsworthy, Doctor Wickes and and Professor Carrington) have pointed this out consistently.
      To quote Carrington –
      “What we had in 2014, when you compare that to 2013 when the bikie legislation was introduced, you had a 12.5 percent increase in other offences. Those other offences include extortion, weapons offences, and they include the offences under the bikie legislation”
      The laws were motivated by politics, not policing, and were a knee-jerk reaction to a brawl at Little Baghdad on the Nerang, the home of the white shoe brigade who were the power behind Newman.
      John-Paul Langbroek who was in the resturant at the time, threw a tanty (it was his patch, after all, and there is no love lost between him and Newman).The rest is history.

      • “I don’t hate anyone – let alone “Conservatives”.” bullshit. as is standard, your lies are transparent.

        re your quoted stats – you expect a change to the law to dismantle a decades old major criminal enterprise in just 1 year. you are a genuine idiot numbers.

        • “You are a genuine idiot” – puts me in good company, as Newman and his police minister did their level best to spin exactly that before the election (an immediate drop in these offences).
          Pink jump suits were also going to sort them out, remember.
          Queenslanders saw right through it of course.
          And as usual, Harry Buttle can’t post anything without ad hom abuse.
          I can recommend a good anger management programme.

          • There is no point posting anything but ad hom abuse at a repeated liar like yourself, why would any of us engage in reasoned debate when we know you will make up your facts to suit yourself, change them at will and generally behave like the ill mannered arsehole that you are?

            I don’t show good manners to one so lacking in manners as to lie without hesitation like yourself numbers, they’d be wasted.

  • Ms 1735099… most people quoting statistics in this instance you have no idea (not unusual for you). Crime statics rely on reporting and detection and conviction rates to give numbers so that you can apply statistical analysis. The types of crimes bikies indulge in give low numbers because they are usually not reported and quite often undetected. Bikies’ crimes for which criminal gangs are noted are reported only by those apparently unafraid of retribution, and without crime reports detection is minimal and convictions even less. Crimes of the same nature committed by other criminals are more likely to make up the majority of the numbers used in statistical quotes that you rely on for your uninformed opinions. People in your shoes are unlikely to be come victims of bikies and by choice seek out inappropriate information on which to base your simplistic and stupid opinions. Any rise/drop in crime rate statistics involving bikies would be unnoticeable because of the low reporting and detection figures. Bikies successfully commit crimes that you claim do not occur…..donkey. If you have bikies of the criminal element around you have career criminals in your midst….wakey, wakey, wakey…..hands off snakey.

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