Chief Justice hounded from position

QUEENSLAND’S attorney-general has thanked embattled chief justice Tim Carmody for standing down.
YVETTE D’Ath said it was a “significant gesture” that was in the best interests of the court.  Actually, it was in the best interests of the left-wing judicial cartel that were furious that Newman had the temerity to appoint Carmody in the first place when he clearly wasn’t one of them. It definitely had nothing to do with public interest. Although Justice Carmody has resigned from his post, he will retain his office and standing as a Supreme Court judge, and will serve as a supplementary judicial member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Part of the joint statement by Chief Justice Carmody and Ms D’Arth reads:
“The Chief Justice’s sacrifice of the significant rights, remuneration and privileges of the Office of Chief Justice is recognised as an honourable act. Consistent with the principle of the separation of judicial power, this decision was one for His Honour alone and he has shown strength of character in making his decision to do so.
Consistent with the principle of the separation of judicial power my arse.  He was hounded from the position by the other judges with the support of the new ALP government. Hand in glove…no separation there.


  • Carmody is the victim of Newman’s attempt to control the judiciary. Noddy had about as much understanding of the separation of powers as Bjelke-Petersen. Both were corrupt – so none of it is surprising.
    All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • You’re almost right. Newman tried to get just one judge in a sea of left wing beaks. Not control it – just one of several. Now it will be back to wall to wall ALP appointments with the entire judiciary stacked and because Newman tries to get one in a dozen you bang on about LNP separation of powers.

      The judiciary and the ALP are obviously in cahoots so there’s your lack of separation of powers.

  • There’s a clear pattern emerging. If the judiciary criticises legislation, they’re all Labor plants, if the ABC allows an ex terrorist on air, they’re biased, and if Gillian Triggs issues a negative report, she’s a lefty. Why is it that Right wing administrations are so afraid of Criticism?

    • Not afraid, Ms, just very aware of where it stems from and how insidious socialists/communists are. Being aware enables preparedness.

    • The judiciary are attacking the man not the legislation. Every time Trigg makes one of her insane claims the general public becomes more aware of just how crazy and totally out of touch with reality the Left are. She should be encouraged to make claims for compo for every incarcerated pedo, rapist and wife murderer to further emphasize the insanity. For God’s sake 17 etc, do really think she’s sane?

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