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Crazy stuff from Queensland

The Queensland government is now set to introduce reforms to parliament that the attorney general, Shannon Fentiman, says will modernise birth certificates to make sure a person’s legal identity matches their lived identity.

Hey Shannon, it’s a birth certificate not a life certificate. No one can look at a newborn and say “this baby’s lived identity is going to be…..”

The bill will also allow for two mothers or two fathers on a birth certificate, or for them simply to be listed as parents. And while parents will still need to register a sex for their child in the registry, it would no longer appear on the certificate unless parents opt for it.

A baby can’t have two mothers or two fathers. The parent might have a girlfriend or boyfriend and that’s fine but let’s not confuse the issue.

Oh, and many people does this effect?

Very few so we are making system changing decisions for a few that will impact on the majority.

Chief Justice hounded from position

QUEENSLAND’S attorney-general has thanked embattled chief justice Tim Carmody for standing down.
YVETTE D’Ath said it was a “significant gesture” that was in the best interests of the court.  Actually, it was in the best interests of the left-wing judicial cartel that were furious that Newman had the temerity to appoint Carmody in the first place when he clearly wasn’t one of them. It definitely had nothing to do with public interest. Although Justice Carmody has resigned from his post, he will retain his office and standing as a Supreme Court judge, and will serve as a supplementary judicial member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Part of the joint statement by Chief Justice Carmody and Ms D’Arth reads:
“The Chief Justice’s sacrifice of the significant rights, remuneration and privileges of the Office of Chief Justice is recognised as an honourable act. Consistent with the principle of the separation of judicial power, this decision was one for His Honour alone and he has shown strength of character in making his decision to do so.
Consistent with the principle of the separation of judicial power my arse.  He was hounded from the position by the other judges with the support of the new ALP government. Hand in glove…no separation there.

The mark of a man

Qld Speaker Peter Wellington takes a novel approach to a confession by ALP MP Billy Gordon that he had a criminal record, was tardy in paying maintenance to his ex wife and, on occasions, he had abused her. It has also become apparent that the ALP knew this some time back yet still run him as a candidate. Peter Wellington blames the victim and anyone else involved in bringing the matter to the attention of the public. There’s the mark of the man right there.  No balance, no ethics. Meanwhile, another Qld ALP MP is under the spotlight for threatening language and refusal to pay a real estate commission.  Rick Williams mentioned his brother at the meeting who was a NSW hit man with some interpreting the statement as a threat, as you would. There you have it, The Palaszczuk government’s first week in power.  

Qld ALP killing potential jobs

THE Palaszczuk government’s ban on uranium mining will drive investor uncertainty in the $6bn sector, major industry players warn. Well, of course it will.  There is uncertainty in all sectors that aren’t union based. Mines Minister Anthony Lynham confirmed to The Australian that the Labor government would press ahead with its anti-uranium policy, reversed by the Newman administration in 2012. The ALP’s hatred of uranium stems from the cold war when the Left, financed and supported by the old USSR communists, campaigned to stop nuclear weapon development and associated uranium mining in the West.  It never really worked but it remains as a cause taken up by people who still believe, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, that it is too dangerous to mine or use.
Queensland still hasn’t paid back the Beattie/Bligh mega debt so it’s disappointing to see the current incumbents  are maintaining the ALP anti mining and business policies. Killing jobs for ideological reasons wont help the state, but rest assured, there will be worse to come.  The Greens will be demanding more payback for their preferences and I doubt Palaszczuk is strong enough, or even wants, to stop them.

Anna good Premier!

ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has declared her predecessor Anna Bligh was a “very good Queensland premier” and said she wants her at the launch of Labor’s campaign today. Despite being left to rebuild Labor after the wreckage of the Bligh and Peter Beattie governments, Ms Palaszczuk said she was very happy to have both former premiers attend the event in Ipswich. “Everyone remembers what Anna did during the floods,” Ms Palaszczuk said.
“She was a very good Queensland premier. So if she can come and attend I’d be more than happy to have her there.”
I remember what she did during the floods.  She fronted the media and behaved like a Premier,  the only time during her reign when she did.  Otherwise she spent like a drunken sailor and took the state to unprecedented deficits.  Campbell Newman is still trying to pay off the debt. But, she performed well on a couple of occasions and for that, Palaszczuk claims she was a good Premier. To add to that insanity people are seriously considering voting for them again mainly because Newman has had to do they hard yards to try and fix the financial hole left to him by Anna Bligh et al and they refuse to recognize that we can’t spend more that we earn. The entitlement mentality.

Bikies back ALP

From the Courier Mail OPPOSITION Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk will have the backing of exiled bikies across Queensland when she goes to the polls this year. Labor’s pledge to repeal and replace the controversial anti-bikie laws is likely to score her thousands of votes from not only disgruntled motorcycle gang members but also their families, associates and even charities that benefited from their fundraising, bikie chiefs say.

“We just want to be treated like a sporting club. We are a sporting club. We’ll go along with anyone – Labor, Katter, whoever will listen rather than treat us like criminals.”

So prostitution, drug running and extortion are the new sports.

Who’d have thought that?

Vaughan Johnson

A QUEENSLAND politician has apologised for saying that Asian people don’t understand road rules. LIBERAL National Party MP and chief government whip Vaughan Johnson told a radio host on Thursday morning that foreign drivers, particularly those of Asian descent, didn’t comprehend road rules. Nowadays it isn’t smart for a public figure to say anything about any ethnic group to avoid screams of racism so Vaughan should know better but seriously has anyone driven in Asia recently?

Queensland’s judges revolting

Queensland Supreme Court judges and many of the state’s elite barris­ters are expected to boycott today’s public “welcoming ceremony’’ for Chief Justice Carmody and new Supreme Court judge Peter Flanagan QC The problem seems to be that Queensland’s judges and a majority of barristers are ALP voters and/or appointees and Carmody and Flanagan aren’t. In his first public comments on the appoint­ment, high-profile barrister Peter Callaghan SC told The Australian the time had come for his colleagues to get back to work.
“I wish him (Chief Justice Carmody) well and it’s time to move on and return our attention to the legal carnage of the (Premier Campbell) Newman and (Attorney-General Jarrod) Bleijie government,” said Mr Callaghan, the president of the Law and Justice Institute.
Legal carnage of a duly elected government…hmmm I wonder which way he votes? Newman needs to hold his ground and get rid of as many ALP appointees as he can and replace them with apolitical judges or, at the very least, not ALP card carriers.  Beattie and Bligh and completely changed the makeup of the courts so why can’t Newman? And, in due course, can we have the judges investigated by the CJC.  They are, after all, campaigning to have a Chief Justice removed for ideological reasons and are showing extreme bias that must come across in their day to day operations on the bench.

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking by Steven Scott at the Courier Mail

The plans for job cuts, privatisation and outsourcing by a conservative government in Queensland provide easy ammunition for federal Labor to throw at its political opponents.

Indications so far are that the Federal Government is planning three lines of attack based on the state plans.

  • Federal Labor will criticise the State Government’s belt-tightening to deflect criticism of its own Budget troubles, arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.
  • Secondly, the Gillard Government will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of unannounced cuts if he wins the September 14 election.
  • And at a local level, Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland to bolster its campaigns in key federal electorates in the state.
All well and good except the voters of Queensland and Australia are very well aware that the reason Newman, and Abbott, if he wins in September, are currently or about to make cuts, is they are simply trying to get the state and nation’s finances back on an even keel after years of ALP throwing money at thought bubbles. Another view (mine);
  • ….arguing it is going down a fairer path to addressing revenue shortfalls.  Wow!  the words Gillard should be looking for is “even though we have run out of money leaving our budget $12 billion in the red we think that spending more money is the answer
  • She will claim opposition leader Tony Abbott is planning a similar round of cuts.  I hope so!  How else can the country recover from the ALP’s criminal waste.
  • Labor will try to capitalise on anger in communities across Queensland.  There will be some anger as a result of Union screams but most Queenslanders understand we have to recover from Bligh’s astronomical debt somehow.
In short, what Stephen is saying is that the ALP will attack conservatives for trying to recover from years of ALP waste – that sounds like a plan to remind the voters of the ALP disasters. Go for it, Julia!  

1971 Springbok Tour

FORMER Queensland premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen brokered secret deals with police in the lead up to the controversial Springboks tour of Brisbane more than 40 years ago, according to a new book.

Fearing riots and public violence, Bjelke-Petersen told the powerful Queensland Police Union that officers would “not be penalised for any action they take to suppress” the demonstrators during the tour in July 1971.

Then Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod attended the Sydney match between the Springboks and NSW a few days earlier and saw demonstrators hurling smoke bombs, fireworks, fruit, beer cans and balloons onto the playing field. About 100 people were arrested, raising concerns the same mayhem would descend on the Sunshine State. I was recently back from Vietnam when they played on 31 July 1971 at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground, Brisbane, defeating us 14-6.  As the players were just that, rugby players and not politicians, I had no problems with the tour other than they beat us.  Joh and Ray Whitrod did what they should have done- protected the citizens of Brisbane and our sporting visitors. I did however have a problem with rioting anarchist leaders of the anti apartheid demonstrations. From Solidarity Online

The mostly white student left, Aboriginal activists and the union movement united to make the Springboks unwelcome and to disrupt the games as best they could, given the massive police mobilisation by State Liberal governments. Henry Bolte, the Victorian Liberal Premier, declared the protests a “rebellion against constituted authority”.

Fairly easy to organize- just redirect the anti Vietnam War pro-communist mob to anti South African sporting teams for a month odd and use the same anarchist tenets. Get the anti then Liberal government unions to close down  society with strikes everywhere and anarchy rules.

At first, there were only very small committees organising in the early and mid-1960s against Apartheid in sport. After the struggle against the Vietnam War took off, racism in Australia began to be more seriously challenged.

Solidarity – commo bastards – they stand for everything I stand against.  It wasn’t racism they were seriously challenging – it was our liberal democracy they really hated.  
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