My youngest daughter Liz, currently

My youngest daughter Liz, currently resident in London, has a boyfriend named Abraham who is currently in South Africa coaching Rugby. Last year Liz brought a black Labrador and they called him ‘Mossad’. (Well I had to give some explaination for the name!) Anyway, the summer storms hit in Brisbane the other day and I allowed my golden retriever and Mossad into my office so they could be near some life form that wasn’t terrified of thunder and lightning. They both try and get on my lap and failing that, on my feet. I use my ‘you had better do as I say’ voice and told them ‘ ON YOUR MAT!. Peace reigns, the storm thunders and I go back to the keyboard. A sniff at my feet and I look down to see Mossad there. He had reasoned I only said ‘On your mat” and said nothing about not relocating the mat. He had picked up the mat, placed it on my feet and lay down on it which makes Mossad a whole smarter than Mark Slater from the ACT who writes to the Australian here headed Lives risked and lost for a lie. AGAIN the Prime Minister seems to have chosen political expediency over truth. He failed to correct the record over Iraq’s nuclear capacity, misleading the people and the parliament. As a result, Australian lives were put at risk on the basis of a lie. Mark, the nature of intelligence assessments generally precludes the nessessity of anyone having to tell a lie. As a rule, they don’t state categorically that this or that will happen or is a fact, they simply state that they believe, given all knowledge, track form, reports from agents and other national intelligence agencies that this is most probably the case. For the ‘dark force’ to isolate one part of an intelligence assessment that appears later not to be the case and then accuse the PM of lying is a poor tactic, easily recognized by even ‘Mossad’ (the black Lab). Mate, clearly Saddam had WMDs that he used against his own people, the Kurds, and his neighbours, the Iranians. Further, he never proved to the UN that he had got rid of them hence the basic reason for the war. It would appear that he didn’t approach Niger for weapons grade plutonium on this occasion but obvioulsy had a nuclear weapon program and would have approached someone. He goes on to leave the mat where it is by stating; As an interesting contrast, Simon Crean courageously stood before Australian troops heading to the Gulf and declared his opposition to their participation in the invasion of Iraq. He risked his political stature for the sake of honesty and integrity. I know who I would prefer to be leading this country after the next election. An interesting contrast indeed but the more telling contrast is reflected in the polls.Only yourself and a very small percentage of the Australian voters would think to use the word ‘courageous’ in descibing Crean’s words on that day as he tried to satisfy the looney left with his pitful ‘I support you but not what you are doing’ statement that every soldier heard as ‘I don’t support you”. You obviously hate the PM as is your right, but in the future how about just writing “I hate Howard, Mark Slater, ACT” instead of venting your spleen on pointless criticisms. Note: More WMDs will be found, a nuclear weapons programme will be proven, Iraq will settle down and end up a democratic society and none of the Dark Force left wing US/Howard haters will stop this happening.