Tomorrow I go fishing with

Tomorrow I go fishing with my eldest son. (31 this week) We go up to Noosa, cross the barge at Tewantin, hit the beach and head to the mouth of the Noosa River. I have been working for two days now bringing my old Land Rover (Landie) up to fishing trip standards. A full innerspring mattress inside in case the fish don’t bite or the Bundaberg Rum does and new 60 watt speakers to enable me to actually hear the radio/CD when moving at road speed. Sound insulation was not Land Rover’s strong suite. As Professor Bunyip points out, the old Land Rover didn’t have many strong points at all but I do claim one- longevity. The vehicle, first commissioned into the Australian Army in October 1966, is still going strong and capable of travelling anywhere in Australia. She became a Veteran before myself, having served with a Field Workshops in Nui Dat in 1968. Three years ago I drove to Albany, West Australia (from Brisbane) to visit my Mother who, while well into her eighties, was still delighted to climb aboard, refusing the offer of a box to help. That year my eldest daughter was in London and told me how she was spending Christmas with some locals and they were driving a hundred or so km to spend the season with their family. Well, I said, tell them that your eccentric father just drove 11, 500 km to see his mother and he did it in a 33 year old Landie! My other vehicle is a Land Rover as well, a V8 Discovery. Obviously I like the breed and when in the Disco I do like the V8. Every now and then, when my wife isn’t with me and there’s no wallopers in site, I floor her. The small V8 (3.9 li) takes the two tonne plus vehicle to 100k/hr in just over 10 seconds. It takes me back to my irresponsible youth when, unfortunately I coudn’t afford a V8, but still managed to develop a speed problem with lesser power plants. You can view the old Landie here and scroll down for self-depreciating humour. I’ll be back Wednesday, my back sore from the rigid suspension and my ears humming with tinninitus from the lack of insulation. If it rains I’ll be wet (as Landie drivers often say, if it aint leaking, it aint raining!) but I will be happy and recharged. And yes Proffessor, I’d be delighted to partake of cool refreshments should you bring your baby Austin north.