In an article in todays

In an article in todays Australian (no link) Colin Rowley. the Marshal of the Family Court responsible for its nationwide security and with nearly forty years experience in the field, has quit, accusing the courts management of jeopardising safety. Colin resigned on June 4, citing concerns over attempts by the courts administrative arm to place security in the hands of court building managers. “It’s fundamentally stupid” Mr Rowley said yesterday when contacted by The Australian. Coins ‘forty years’ experience includes a couple of years in South Vietnam and in 1970, as a Staff Sergeant, he was my Platoon Commander. In June, July and August the platoon had a torrid time and on one particular day Colin led an attack on a bunker system that was well dug in and manned by 50 plus VC. During the attack twelve Aussies were wounded and a good number of these men were saved by Colin as he dragged them back to safety. Ignoring the machine guns, AK47s and RPGs targeting him, he was an inspiration and good role model of a leader. The battle started at 1:30pm and after bringing in another platoon, some tanks and APCs, the position was secured by 4.00pm. For this and following actions in July and August, Colin was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field. After Vietnam Colin went on to be a Inspector in the Australian Federal Police and some years ago became Marshal of the Family Court. Unflappable in a crisis, and we had some, and quicker than most to understand the problem, if Colin says ‘It’s fundamentally stupid’, it is. The news behind the news brought to you by the long memory of an old soldier. Some debts can never be repaid!