Diggers not convinced Islam is peaceful

Cultural sensitivity training fails, as it should.
The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believes the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism, despite “cultural sensitivity training” by the ADF to have its soldiers take the view that Islam is a religion of peace.
Good. I see they’re not swayed by the views of the politically correct brigade.
The bombshell new study sponsored by the army finds that such “anti-Muslim sentiments” are “probably quite widespread” among Australian frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the military’s efforts to reverse this trend are counter-productive.
It might be a bombshell to some but those who inhabit the real world would wonder why on earth any one would be surprised that an Army that has been fighting Muslims for more than ten years would not think they are a religion of peace. All Muslim’s aren’t peaceful and Islam isn’t a religion of peace. The term Cultural Sensitivity Training is cop-out to the politically correct however Cultural Training by itself is fine. Prior to my sojourns to South East Asia I was lectured and read all I could about the Vietnamese culture  and whereas I accepted the Vietnamese civilians were sometimes peaceful I didn’t trust them. And no one suggested that communism was a peaceful ideology. The good Doctor’s final sentence is enlightening.
Dr Miller said more work should be done by the ADF to get a better understanding of the issue, but the problem was that “the open expression of anti-Muslim sentiment in the ADF can and has led to disciplinary charges and dismissal.”
So it’s an offence to be anti-enemy. Wow – we used to encourage it. Full article here Picture show Religion of Peace chaps winning hearts and minds


  • Anti-Enemy, can’t understand why the diggers would be anti-enemy. I’ll have a wild guess and say it’s because they are trying to kill them.

  • “Wow – we used to encourage it”.

    Yeah, we called them “Noggies”, didn’t we?
    Vietnamese were hated and feared because we couldn’t be sure whether they were enemy or not.
    I’d be surprised if the same wasn’t the case in Iraq and Afghanistan. It might have had something to do with being a member of an occupying army. It didn’t matter what we thought we were doing, we were in their country.
    I wonder how the average Aussie would react if 100000 Marines (or Legionnaires or Israelis or Chinese) landed on our coastline tomorrow? I don’t doubt they would suddenly become “enemy”.
    Funny that.

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