Trump vs Turnbull

Turnbull gives a speech after Trump’s win and says to Australia“don’t panic”; Frydenburg called Trump a “dropkick”; Bishop said before the election that Trump threatens Australia’s interests and the leader of the Opposition calls Trump “Barking Mad”

There’s payback due there and I can’t understand why Australia is upset at Trump giving Turnbull a hard time.

He deserves it. We deserve it.

What benefit does the US get from taking in our 1250 country shopper problems?. None that I can see particularly after Trump’s pause on accepting people from the same area that the 1250 come from.

If he takes them he is backing down on one of his election promises and, after all, the entire deal was set up by Turnbull and Obama during OBama’s lame duck days.

Talk about leaving a land mine for your replacement.

All this hassle over a bunch of country shoppers from the Middle East paying tens of thousands of dollars for a seat in a boat to take them to Centrelink.

They are simply not worth the diplomatic damage.

A deal will eventually be stitched up but I’m with Trump on this one.

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  • John Van Krimpen

    How bloody ignorant and arrogant must they have seemed. Trump has fully half the Country marching up and down the street heads wobbling everywhere, neck brace manufacturers the new boom industry, Safe spaces on Campuses full of sobbing snow flakes and every man and his or her bitch cracking sad at the Trumpigator. Turnbull was told get this sorted before Trump becomes President and then Trump a man known for speaking his mind speaks his mind and speaks to the truth, colour me unsurprised that he said it and the whole conversation leaked, rudeness met with truth, smart arsery met with complete contempt..

    Me I’m on the old white un PC President’s side. Most of what he tweets I reckon is to get stuff out in the open enabling his Secretary’s to get on with the real change agenda. I’m an old white guy sick of being accused of being racist, accused of being rich I’m not and burning the planet on a Power bill of 500 dollars a quarter by kids a fifth my age who wont even research a topic before Spachechooking all over the place parroting liars, frauds and charlatans in and out of media, in and out of university. This has been the most fun in current affairs in my life time.

    Calling people racist names is just gonna make ordinary people back anyone like Trump or Hanson harder.

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