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AFL forget what it’s all about

Here’s an idea AFL.

Stop bringing politics into sport.

If I want politics I’ll access it through the media.  When I watch football, I just want to watch football.  I don’t want to get involved in whatever indigenous activism is cool this week.  I don’t care if the players are black, white or brindle.  They are just good athletes and a joy to watch.  Or they were until you brought in racism.

Apparently this week is Multicultural Round.  There you go again – it’s supposed to be about football, nothing more, nothing less.

Let me know when you get the message and I’ll start watching again

Oh, and another thing – threatening Aussies with dire treatment if they boo Sooky la la Goodes tonight will most probably guarantee more booing.


Goodes’ campaign continues

Adam Goodes, cute little James and Michael O’Loughlin

Adam Goodes’ campaign for pre-selection continues as Chip Le Grand, his current campaign manager, gets another above-the fold front page article in today’s Australian.

The article draws hundreds of comments, a lot of which point out that the spectators are booing Goodes because he once publicly abused and humiliated a teenage girl. Most Australians don’t like large, adult males abusing teenage girls.

Chip ignores this opinion because it doesn’t suit his agenda but the spectators don’t and won’t in the future.

If it is racist then one needs to ask the questions – why aren’t all the other indigenous players boo’d. What is it that sets Goodes apart?  I would have to say it is his activist profile.  All the other guys are in football to play while Goodes is, at this stage of his career,  in football for political activist reasons and the crowd don’t like it.  They go to the game to be entertained with football skills, not to be harangued and called racists as part of one man’s campaign for pre-selection or Reconciliation.

Subsequent to the abuse incident he was appointed Australian of the Year and since then, this current campaign aside, has been noted for his absence in the media on subjects other than football, with one extreme example.  In early March he announced that he now finds it hard to say I am proud to be Australian after seeing Pilger’s ‘Utopia’ 

Not proud to be an Australian…John Pilger…Utopia…FFS who is advising this man?

John Pilger is an expat Australian who, simply put, hates us.  He has made a career out of this hatred and for years has penned propaganda that always reflects poorly on Australia and whatever he says has little impact outside of the Green-Left of the political divide.  That is, about 10 % of the community give Pilger any credit whatsoever.  This 10%, of course, encompasses the ABC and SBS where he is often seen talking about his hatred of Australia – but we expect that.

Back to today’s article.

Michael O’Loughlin was watching Sydney play West Coast when his seven-year-old son James turned to him with a question he could not easily answer: “Dad, why are they booing uncle?’’

It is the question all of football — and much of the nation — is now grappling with, as the AFL, Sydney and opposition clubs look for a way to stop crowd abuse of Adam Goodes.

Good ploy – play the cute little nephew. Pure Facebook campaigning. the AFL, Sydney and opposition clubs look for a way to stop crowd abuse of Adam Goodes.  With all the recent press on the mater, with more people remembering his abuse of the teenager, I don’t think the crowd are going to forgive him anytime soon.

He says he is campaigning for Reconciliation but I see little conciliation in starting the debate by saying it is hard for him to be proud to be Australian because, according to left wing Pilger, we are all racists.

I predict his post-football career will be in politics where his character will be well and truly tested when the crowd becomes all of Australia, not just a few thousand at a footy match.

Will he be able to cut it?

That remains to be seen.

It’s not racism

Watching ABC Morning news and they seem confused.  The subject of Adam Goods come up and apparently people are booing him at matches whenever he touched the ball

Their take on the matter was racism.

I’ve got an alternative thought – people don’t like him because as a  hulking 6 foot plus fit footballer he publicly singled out a pudgy, naive 13 year old teenage girl for ridicule in the national media.

Way to go hero.

People simply don’t like men who abuse kids.

Constitution change

James Patterson in The Australian

There is no place for laws that apply to someone because of their race in 21st-century Australia. Laws aimed at addressing disadvantage should apply because of the needs of the individual — not their skin colour.

He goes on to say;

The change Australia should make to its Constitution is to remove all references to race. The so-called “race power” in section 51 (xxvi), which gives the parliament the power to make laws for “the people of any race”, has no role in our modern, tolerant and diverse democracy. Section 25, which governs how to deal with state governments that restrict eligibility to vote on the basis of race, should also be removed.

That sums up my feelings exactly.

A lot of Australian’s are spending time and energy garnering support for the constitutional change that will not make Indigenous life one iota better. It will help some people, both white and black Australians, develop a warm inner glow but it will be of no practical use.

A warm inner glows does not create jobs, educate kids, protect women and kids from sexual and physical abuse or give the indigenous citizens a chance for a better life.

It will not get the young men motivated to refuse drugs nor will it develop a work ethic.

As Patterson says;

At best, it will recite historical facts no one disagrees with and contain aspirational platitudes everyone supports.

Goodes needs to broaden his horizons

Adam Goodes, current Australian of the Year, is proving a contentious choice.  Other than Aussie Rules fans, very few Aussies had heard of Adam until he abused a 13 year old girl at football match for saying “Way to go, you Ape”  or whatever.  He took this as a racist statement and called for her to be removed from the grandstand, which she was. He is reported as “being gutted” by the girl’s words.

In my youth, on the football field, I’ve been called “Big hairy ape” because, basically, I am big and hairy. Well at least that’s what I thought, but obviously there are different interpretations of the term and every man has the right to call it for what he believes.  If Adam Goodes has been referred to as an Ape previously and took it as a racist statement then that is his right.  But seriously, we are talking about a 13 year old girl who,  when she says “I didn’t mean it to be racist” has to be believed, or,  at least given the benefit of the doubt.

So when he was announced as Australian of the Year, the only way most Australians knew him was because of this incident.  Depending on your viewpoint, he was thusly appointed due solely to his being the victim of a racist attack, or, because,  as a hulking 6 foot plus fit footballer he abused a pudgy 13 year old teenage girl.

Either interpretation is not a good basis for selection.

If the Selection Board wanted to appoint an indigenous Aussie as Australian of the Year I can think of dozens, off the top of my head, who,  with greater intelligence and political savvy, could do much more for their people.  Pick your favourite from this list

So now he is the Australian of the Year,  a position wherebye the encumbent is expected to draw together different parts of the community and thus help his or their cause, in this case,  the cause of indigenous Aussies.

Since becoming AOTY Goodes has been noted for his absence in the media on subjects other than football, with one extreme example.  Earlier this week he announced that he now finds it hard to say I am proud to be Australian after seeing Pilger’s ‘Utopia’ 

Not proud to be an Australian…John Pilger…Utopia…FFS who is advising this man?

John Pilger is an expat Australian who, simply put, hates us.  He has made a career out of this hatred and for years has penned propaganda that always reflects poorly on Australia and whatever he says has little impact outside of the Green-Left of the political divide.  That is, about 10 % of the community give Pilger any credit whatsoever.  This 10%, of course, ecompasses the ABC and SBS where he is often seen talking about his hatred of Australia – but we expect that.

Adam Goodes take on Utopia.

Adam, heads up mate, you have just alienated 90% of the population, or, at least, 90% of those who are politically aware.

NOT the way to go.

To approach the problem of indigenous Aussies simply from the “racist attack” point of view is ignoring the elephant in the room.  It ignores the damage indigenous Aussies do to themselves and to quote Pilger, who blames all problems on white Australia, gets us nowhere.

If, as Adam Goodes believes,  hostility to John Pilgers film is a denial of the nations brutal past  then Goodes and Pilger are equally guilty of denying the present and this denial bodes poorly for the future.

Look around you Adam.  Look at the programmes that are helping your disadvantaged mates and build on that.  Look at child and women abuse, alchohol and drug dependancies, lack of support for education, waste and theft of governmet monies and use your position to agitate for improvements.  Start another education scholarship system as an adjunct to your help for young Aussies in the field of football.

Expand your horizons and seek advise outside the Green-Left political arena or most will simply wait until you’re gone and that would be a shame…a waste of the hopes of a lot of people… a waste of a chance to help.

UPDATE: I have include some extracts from an interview by Bess Price, one of those I thought would make a better AOTY than Goodes.  It is listed on the RHS Menu under “Worth Reading”

Go away Rudd

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd is creating a foundation to honour the principles of his historic 2008 apology to the indigenous stolen generation.

Mr Rudd today announced he would establish the National Apology Foundation, which he will chair.

The narcisist, who is also suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, says that because he is creating this foundation;

“We are not condemned to a future which sees a continuing division between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.”

While you continue to remind us of your one and only claim to fame, and it is a doubtful claim, then you are condemning us to continuing divisions.

It simply perpetuates the ‘Sorry Industry’ and that helps no one.

Go away Rudd, you totally fucked up Australia and the ALP and you still have the temerity to make sound waves.  A lesser narcistic individual would be so humiliated by the damage they did, they would be silent for decades.


There there, precious

In the heat of the moment a 13 year old girl tells Sydney Swans Goode “You’re an ape” and the world goes ballistic.  Goode point her out to MCG Security and she is removed from her family and apparently grilled for two hours.

She is 13.

COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire has vowed to seek out the fan who allegedly racially abused Sydney Swans champion Adam Goodes on Friday night and ban her from the club.

The mother of the 13 year old girl isn’t happy;

Ms Looney is upset by the treatment her daughter had received from MCG security – who told her family to remain seated as they ejected Julia – and police detaining her for what she said was two hours.

Eddie Maguire and everyone screaming “racist!” need to settle down and Goode needs a few testosterone injections to stop him being so precious.

 UPDATE:  (Quote from Bolt) On ABC radio this morning a woman says Aborigines at the same game slashed an Australian flag, replaced the Union Jack with an Aboriginal one and were abusive. Security was called but removed no one.

I wonder if Eddie Maguire is looking for these guys.


Indigenous money sink

NOEL Pearson’s Cape York welfare reform trial has been a dealt a blow with the Queensland government refusing federal demands to extend state funding beyond the end of the year.

Queensland Indigenous Affairs Minister Glen Elmes told The Australian the Newman government could no longer justify its expenditure on the program.

The trial in four Cape York communities has cost the state and federal governments more than $100 million.

The government mentions there are only a few thousand people involved altogether so what the hell costs $100 million.  If I went to theses communities would I see anything …roads…new schools..what exactly?

The report tells us that school attendance is improving and kid bashing is down;

Last year, preliminary findings of the review of the trial — which links welfare to school attendance, child safety, tenancy and convictions — found the communities were recording improvements in attendance and falling child-protection notifications.

But it doesn’t say what the money was actually spent on but Queensland Indigenous Affairs Minister Glen Elmes questions the value for money;

“We simply can’t justify the rate of expenditure over the past four years in just four communities, with only a few thousand people,”

I’m all for helping Australians in difficult times and I have always agreed with Christopher Pearson and his programs but hell, $100 million for four communities seems over the top to me.

Tony Abbott wants to see these indigenous welfare reforms now being tested in Cape York expanded to communities across the country.  I trust any continuation doesn’t involve $25 million per community – he’ll never clear the ALP debt at that rate.


MP tweets caned

Coalition MP Andrew Laming reacts to inter racial riots at Logan Qld

Mobs tearing up Logan tonight. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?

Not very subtle but its most probably close to the truth.

Wong and Emmerson attack, so for some reason Laming’s tweet which only comments on a riot is much worse than Gillard’s office tele calls that organized a riot on Australia Day in Canberra last year.

Go figure.

Royal Commission

I am concerned about Gillard’s Federal Royal Commission into institutional sex abuse.  The media have concentrated on the Catholic Church and whereas they have a lot to answer for and should be a part of the RC they are not the only perpetrators and, evidence might suggest, they are not even the largest perpetrators.

Reading The Drum, the enclave of Leftist debate, it’s all about the Catholics, yet in my experience, and I have some, the Church does a huge amount of good works with tens of thousands of Teachers, school kids, Priest, parents and laymen all contributing to the community in positive ways.  What we are getting from the media, understandably I guess given that the anti-religious Left hold sway, is an emphasis on the minority who besmirch the Catholic name.

If the Commission names and shames these people and they eventually go to court and are convicted then well and good but we need to keep in mind that the target is institutional sex abuse and not just the Catholic Church.

State run orphanages, schools, youth groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Guides and other religious institutions need to get a run as do the Indigenous community.

Which raises the question – are the Indigenous communities an institution – will they be included in the TOR.  If not, and I suggest that will be the case, then in my opinion the Commission will not be broad enough.

Mal Brough, a previous Howard Government Minister reports on sex abuse within the Indigenous communities;

“And those who have not read the report, Little Children are Sacred, its two authors visited 45 communities in the Northern Territory. They didn’t find sexual abuse in some of those communities, they didn’t find it in most of those communities, they found it in every single community; 45 out of 45. Think about that, the enormity of that for a moment.

“Let me take you to Kalumburu. Kalumburu is up in the East Kimberleys. It is a town of about 300. There are only 90 males in Kalumburu. It’s isolated by the wet for a good part of every year. The wet will set in some time this month.

Of those 90 men, in the last two months 15 have been charged with child sex offences. Fifteen out of 90 men. These are the charge sheets. Not one page, not two pages, not three pages, four pages.

“They’re all an offence against a child, predominantly penetrating a girl or a boy under the age of 13. Who were these 15 men? They were the mayor, the deputy mayor, two other councillors, the police liaison officer, a truancy officer, two wardens.

“What does that tell you? These are people of authority. These are the people that white fellas like me and bureaucrats turn to, who go to consult with about answers to their communities, who we give money and more empowerment to and we walk away saying, haven’t we done a good thing.”

Scott Prasser, in today’s Australian has a well written piece on what Royal Commissions can and can’t do and recommends that;

The Gillard government must avoid any perception that there is any political advantage being derived from appointing this royal commission.

But I’m and old skeptic – I’m afraid it will turn into a witch hunt and I don’t believe the ALP do anything for altruistic reasons.  I suspect they will drip feed ‘leaks’ over the course of the Commission whenever they need distraction from their own incompetence and if Tony Abbott ever walked past a Catholic Church or went to Mass where there is or was or might have been a questionable Priest who might have, or might not have abused children, then rest assured we will hear about it.

I truly hope it works as there are a lot of damaged people out in the community but I guess only time will tell.

Disclaimer: I am not a Catholic but was born a Methodist.  I became non religious but subscribe to the ethics and moral compasses espoused by the religious bodies.

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