Unspeakable Superlatives

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of the Iraqi Prisoner Saga. The war against terror has become a war of superlatives and the left are the dominant troopers. Unspeakable abuse shouts the SMH in this article. Not quite unspeakable abuse everyone is talking about it. Tracy Wilkinson writes;
A victim of the sexual abuse waged by the US military against Iraqi prisoners tells how his life has been ruined. . His pictures have been flashed around the world. Naked and hooded, Hayder Sabbar Abd has been subjected to unspeakable abuse at the hands of American prison guards and has unwittingly become the focus of one of the largest scandals to hit the United States military in a generation.
…one of the largest scandals to hit the United States military in a generation. Short memory, Tracey. I’m sure the Bush/Howard/Blair haters could come up with dozens of scandals over the last decade. The article finally gets to something unspeakable.
Sabbar and six other Iraqis, all Shiite, fought with another prisoner, a member of a prominent Sunni family and the son of a leading official from Saddam’s Baathist party which allegedly massacred hundreds of Shiites and dumped them in mass graves.
..which allegedly massacred hundreds of Shiites and dumped them in mass graves. Now that’s unspeakable!
The scandal has shaken the US military to its core, reverberated through Washington and enraged the Arab world.
Core shaking? I think not. Charge them, sack them, get on with it. The US military will be furious that troops did this, photographed it and released the photos. You’d almost think it was a set up but then US then did what no other Arab country would ever do, including those who are enraged. They openly admitted their error and stated their intention to fully investigate and charge the fools who erred. Heads will roll but not like in the Arab world where heads really do ‘roll’ The Arab world is enraged. Jesus. The Arab world danced in the streets over the images of the WTC attack (there’s another case of unspeakable) and the SMH wants me to be take this little superlative as a given. Reverberated through Washington is media speak for reverberated through the left wing media – as in – here’s something else we can beat up on and turn everyone?s mind away from any successes of the overall plan Had I been in command of the prison and some idiot did what these guys did, I would sack them minutes after my commander sacked me. The reported treatment of prisoners is undeniably stupid but it ain?t quite ripping out toenails. Let’s move on.

Urban Renewal Needed

On viewing the obscenity of the films released of animals celebrating the death of the four American civilians the term Urban Renewal came to mind.
The US media was dominated by the story of four American security contractors who were attacked, burned, mutilated, dragged from the back of a car and hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River “like slaughtered sheep” by an angry mob in the Sunni Triangle town of Fallujah.
Fight fire with fire. Level the place. My idea of education being an answer falls on it’s face when confonted with this mindless savagry. Sometimes reeducation is best delivered by 7.62mm rounds at 2700 fps. Prance and smile now, you bastard.

Wake Up Australia

I take a week off to help at Legacy and the country goes mad. We’ve been fighting Terrorism for a long time now and people still think it’s about cause and effect. The so called intellectuals think it’s all about scoring cheap points against John Howard – Jesus Christ, bloody well wake up! It?s about our lifestyle, about our religion, our enjoyment of life, about their lack of education and resulting acceptance of myths as fact. They may or may not have won in Spain but it doesn’t matter who’s in power there. From the Terrorists point of view, Spain is their country and was stolen from them 600 years ago. They don’t accept any umpires decision, let alone the voices of democracy. It’s theirs and they want it back. They want East Timor back in the fold as well and Australia will ever be a target for helping democracy overcome tyranny in that neck of the woods. So we helped in Iraq – so bloody what. The media, the ABC and SBS all seem to think that the whole debate is about WMDs – Oh my God, there’s no WMD’s – Howard lied, Bush lied, Butler didn’t, Wilkie is a hero, we shouldn’t have gone in without UN sanction. None of that matters Get over it you dipshits. It’s about Moslem extremists trying to kill us Infidels and have their Shari law take precedence over our laws. As Bush tries to get a democracy up and running in Iraq every left wing intellect and fool are trying to pull it down. Well, you had better start hoping he pulls it off. A democracy in the middle of the cauldron that is the Middle East is what the world needs and extreme Moslems dread. Holy Moses, they are thinking, if these people are educated and have a vote, we’ll never get a look in. They are fighting to maintain their power over the illiterates. They are not fighting for Iraq, the point is not that just that the US are there. It’s the fact that the US still exists. Jones on Late Line spends all his time missing the point – blaming everything on what Howard ever done or didn’t do. Jonesy, it might have escaped your notice but the problem is extremists are killing innocents and they are not, repeat not, doing it because Howard is a conservative. Watch tonight?s SBS show on Hicks, the idiot at Guantanamo. There are lawyers around spruiking about human rights when the facts are, he was caught fighting for a foreign power. He abrogated any rights an Australian might enjoy when he enlisted with the enemy. There is no lengthy discussion needed here. If he actually was doing that then he stays incarcerated until the war is over. Were the fathers of these lawyers up in Thailand trying to get Aussie POWs released during WW2 because of human rights – no. Let him rot there until the war is over – like all POWs have had to do. Taxpayers should be very peeved that their taxes have paid for this pro-terrorist propaganda. Why didn’t the ATO just send the money over to the Taliban Propaganda Corps and leave out the SBS middleman – could’ve been cheaper. We are at war and too many are aiding and abetting the enemy.

Chopper Pilot killed

A tragedy occurs as well intentioned people try and lift the standards of countries poorer than us. In return the pilot is killed by the very people he tries to help. Too ignorant to understand, they thanked him with a burst from an AK47 – the only thing they do understand.
“It’s very sad that he’s gone,” Downer said today. “He was there to help the people of Afghanistan.”
Officials said the helicopter belonged to The Louis Berger Group, an engineering firm based in East Orange, New Jersey. The company oversees a wide range of a US-government funded infrastructure projects in Afghanistan. The Louis Berger Group have been critisised for not ‘bullet proofing’ their choppers. The Courier Mail report deals with this matter but the pictures I’ve seen of the chopper indicates it’s a UH1D or similar and I can only imagine if one was to make it bullet proof, it would also be fly-proof – it wouldn’t be able to take off. Bullet proofing aircraft doesn’t happen. Vietnam UH1D pilots could only sit on their flak jackets to offer some hope of protecting certain male appendages but all other protection consisted of tactical flying – dramatic for the people in the cabin but often effective.

Good News week

OSAMA bin Laden is reportedly surrounded by United States special forces in a mountain range that straddles north-west Pakistan and Afghanistan. Reported by Internationally respected investigative journalist and author Gordon Thomas.
Internationally respected investigative journalist and author Gordon Thomas says the al-Qaida terror group leader has been sighted for the first time since 2001 and is being monitored by satellite. In a report to be published in a British newspaper, Thomas says bin Laden is in a mountainous area to the north of the Pakistani city of Quetta. The region is said to be a stronghold for bin Laden supporters and the terror kingpin is estimated to have 50 of his fanatical bodyguards by his side. Thomas attributes his report to “a well-placed intelligence source” in Washington who is quoted as saying: “He (bin Laden) is boxed in.”
Please! Let it be so!

The Power of Suggestion

Clearly Dennis Shanahan and The Australian want an investigation into WMD Intelligence Assessments. This article, headed ‘Spy agencies to face new WMD inquiry’ is very long on suggestion and very, very short on facts. AUSTRALIA’S spy agencies can expect.. The Howard Government is expected to agree to an independent inquiry.. ..a recommendation for an independent inquiry is expected. Pressure has grown for an independent inquiry .. ..the external inquiry into Australia’s intelligence assessment is not expected to include politicians. It is also likely to be more secretive than the US inquiry.. Dennis has based an entire article on the passsive ‘expected’. Nowhere is there a ‘will’, ‘is to’ or ‘are going to’ statement. The entire article is based on the fact that Dennis thinks there should be an inquiry. Hang on. Dennis does actually quote someone rather than rely on conjecture Mr Howard has refused to order an external inquiry until the findings of a parliamentary inquiry, due to be released in March, are made public. Keep up the good work Dennis but I feel that by March the electorate will have other things to occupy it’s mind. For example, by March the public could well be running a book counting Flip-Flop’ Latham’s policy reversals. To make the article more confusing the on-line editors have grafted a part of another article about Bill Gates and Microsoft security into the middle of ‘the I want an enquiry’ article..Confusing but so is the whole article particularly when it ends with this.
But both the Opposition Leader and Mr Rudd have fallen short of demanding such an inquiry until the parliamentary committee reports. Yesterday the Coalition and the ALP joined forces in the Senate to block a Greens motion to hold a judicial inquiry into the intelligence agencies.
Most people understand, some need telling, that Intelligence work is not as precise as maths. Never was..never will be. It is always based on assumptions and unless you have operators on the ground, in the enemies HQ, then you can only assume. The Left and other Howard haters will push this Intelligence issue for all it’s worth but all it’s worth is not very much.

Libya turned by a strong hand

Young Gaddafi says it how it is and takes away from the Left any chance of saying it was ‘diplomacy’ that turned Libya. The Left will deny for ever that Libya’s about face came about simply because Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was worried about a regime change al lah Iraq. Sorry guys, it was a case of “Bush is serious this time – lets think this through.” Itis an old tactic of the Left – repeat a lie often enough and the uneducated swill will believe it and vote out Howard and Bush. Read what young Gadaffi says about it all. He was there and should know.

Terror Tactics

An article by Imre Salusinszky in this mornings Australian defines the anti-war/Bush/Howard push very clearly. On Sept 11;
But Doug Anderson, the television critic for The Sydney Morning Herald, wrote that the US’s observance of the anniversary of the slaughter of nearly 3000 of its citizens “should define, once and for all, just how badly America does grief”. This was followed by the observation that extensive TV coverage of the anniversary ? in the US and Australia ? was really designed “to reinforce hatred of the Iraqis”.
And on Bali;
In The Age, Bob Ellis wrote: “We are paying in blood for John Howard’s arse-licking, ignorance and xenophobic bigotry.” In her internet diary, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Margo Kingston asked if the attack occurred because we “colonised (Bali) with our wants”.
So many people get paid to write and get it so wrong. They have one purpose in life and I can just see them sitting at their Apple Macs (couldn’t be PCs) working on ‘how can we turn this positive news into something terrible. Go read, it qualifies a lot of foolish thoughts.

Another Domino

Libya’s mad man Gadaffi has undertaken to rid himself of all his WMD including switching off his nuclear programme. This will sit poorly with the left wing who in their Bush-Howard hate-haze abhore the thought of anything approaching stabalization in the area. It might make George Bush look a winner – for God’s sake! Another terrorist state backing off. I wonder if it has anything to do with Iraq becoming a democracy in the middle of the Middle East. Who’s next? Saudi Arabia? Lockerbie families are sceptical as am I but I live in hope. Downer comments;
.. the decision vindicated the hardline stance taken by Australia and other countries against the proliferation of WMD. “The decision by Colonel Gaddafi’s regime to abandon nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and to sign international instruments in support of the abandonment of these programmes, is good news for a more secure world,” he told ABC radio. “It illustrates the point that if the world is strong and robust in confronting the proliferation of these weapons it can be successful.”
Meanwhile in China;
Under US pressure to help curb the spread of long-range missiles, China says it has issued rules restricting the export of missile, nuclear and biological technologies that can be used to make or deliver weapons of mass destruction.
And in Beirut;
A BEIRUT military court today found 27 people guilty of carrying out a series of anti-US attacks across Lebanon, and handed down jail sentences varying from three months to life, court sources said.
With George Bush at the helm Iraq heads towards a democracy with Saddam and his animal sons out of the way, Libya announces it is getting out of the terrorist market, China has undertaken not to sell WMDs and Beirut is actually taking an anti-terrorist stand. Definitely Christmas week for us right-wingers. Never mind. Phillip Adams will still call him a stupid turkey and waffle on about his stealing the election thereby saying more about himself than Bush.

Saddam – Come – Heel

The next generation name for pet dogs. Saddam. Caught like a dog in a hole the Arab World are in shock – delightful and refreshing shock. Ain’t it sweet?
Several Jordanian officials who welcomed the capture nevertheless expressed dismay that “Arab dignity” had been wounded by television footage showing Hussein being inspected by a doctor who appeared to be checking his teeth and searching his hair as if inspecting for lice.
Arab dignity? What bloody dignity.
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