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Latham escapes criminal conviction

Mark Latham has escaped having a criminal conviction for malicious damage recorded against him today. Instead he will be placed on a good behaviour bond for two years

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped charges of assault and theft against him even though there was a previous incident of assault (cab driver…broken arm in 2001) and he did deprive the photographer of the use of his camera by stealing borrowing it, taking it back to his home and smashing it with a mallet in a shed.

I heard a radio report saying defence had asked that no conviction be recorded as he hasn’t been in trouble before. I know that he wasn’t charged for breaking the cabbies arm but it is public knowledge

Lathams main defence was that he was harrassed by the photographer and that was obviously sufficient reason for the judge to go easy on him.

Whatever the sentence, he’s still a thug in my book.

Terrorist next door

Brisbane could have it’s first brush with terrorism as police charge a man from the suburb of Aspley with terror offences. My youngest daughter lives at Aspley and it’s only a short drive from my place. A bit to close to home for my liking.

Police won’t rule out the possibility that four bombs – some embedded with nails and razor blades – and 10 detonators allegedly found at Amundsen’s Windrest Avenue home during a raid on Tuesday night were being stockpiled for a terrorist attack.

I’m obviously not privy to all the evidence but those words certainly smack of nefarious intent to me.

Police allege Amundsen, 40, used a fictitious name to buy 53kg of Powergel explosive from the Beenleigh branch of international company Orica, and had built 10 remote detonators, which were located in his Aspley home he shares with his elderly mother.

No, that doesn’t make me feel any more secure either. If he’s legit why the ficticious name?

Police sources said Amundsen had allegedly claimed he bought the explosives to blow up trees and to use in stunts for a movie he was making.

…embedded with nails and razor blades? Not exactly a Greenie and I’m sure the actors guild would take a dim view of razor blades and bolts in the explosives used for stunts they were working on.

Outside of court Amundsen’s lawyer, Andrew Boe, lashed out at the media for reporting allegations his client was a terrorist.

He said there was a “completely plausible and non-nefarious explanation for the circumstances in which he finds himself” but would not elaborate.

“I refuse (to reveal) … the nature of the evidence, it would not be responsible of me to do so and certainly not responsible for the media to speculate simply because some allegations have been placed before the court,” Mr Boe said.

The media are only reporting what the police have stated and when they charge a man with terror offence surely it’s reasonable to say so.

It will be interesting to see what develops.

Police Sergeant gunned down

More bad news from Tasmania

A POLICE officer is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot in the back three times when he stopped a motorist on a highway north of Hobart.

Tasmania Police said Sergeant Les Cooper had pulled over the motorist on the Midland Highway 1km north of Pontville, about 11am (AEST) today, after he noticed the car was being driven erratically.

The officer was shot at least three times in the back with what was believed to be a .22-calibre handgun.

The Police have got the bastard that did it and it only remains for the Judge to slap his wrist and let him go.

That’s what happens isn’t it?

‘Light’ sentence overturned.

Judge Ian Wylie in the news again

A JUDGE who restructured a jail sentence for a Samoan man after he molested an eight-year-old girl has had his decision overturned by the Attorney-General.

In sentencing the man last month, Brisbane Supreme Court judge Ian Wylie, QC, said if the man, 35, was jailed for 12 months or more he could be deported at the end of his sentence.

The man, who cannot be named, was caught touching and licking the girl’s genitals at a friend’s house in May 2004.

So he promptly awarded him 11 months and three weeks jail.

Wylie seems to have some sympathy for child molestors that is definitely out of step with society. In another case he jailed a priest for 3 and a half years after the man was found guilty 34 counts of indecent dealing with girls aged six to 12. Wylie calimed the man had been rehabiltated and hadn’t offended for a long time.

Other cases;

A QUEENSLAND judge has ordered a man’s criminal conviction for the carnal knowledge of an underage girl not be recorded so he can join the police force.

The girls was 13 and the judge was Wylie.

A judge has been criticised for “unacceptable indulgence” after allowing a motorist who killed an elderly woman to walk free because he was a sole parent.

The woman was 82 and yep, the judge was Wylie.

She’s drunk…he pinches her bum…they have words…he throws a glass of water in her face…she gouges out his eye with a broken beer glass. He loses 50% of his vision and the judge gives her a suspended sentence.

Wylie again.

QUeensland Attorney-Generals must have a weekly briefing on “what Wylie has done this week” and I wonder why he is still on the bench.

Is there no mechanism to ensure Judges stay in tune with the society they are representing?

NSW police finally start policing

THE new commander of the police taskforce investigating the Cronulla riots has warned that there will be more arrests on both sides of the ethnic divide over the beachside violence and subsequent revenge attacks.

“As a result of the investigation by Strike Force Enoggera, further evidence implicating the persons was uncovered resulting in the arrests,” he said.

It’s just a pity the police couldn’t have conducted the raids when events were fresh in peoples minds and with such timing as to suggest it was a police initiative rather than as a result of public and political demands.

Former police officer turned academic Michael Kennedy said the tape should never have been broadcast. Dr Kennedy said it should have been kept under wraps to preserve any evidence for future court hearings.

Had the tape been kept under wraps the police would still be ignoring the revenge raid perps and there would be no need to preserve any evidence for unlikely future court hearings.

We may be seeing justice applied without favour now but the whole affair leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.

Council Surrenders

Waverley Council last month voted 6-5 against flying the national flag over the iconic beach, saying it may cause racial tensions to flare, inciting further surfside violence.

Can someone publish the names of the six idiots who voted not to fly the flag so the local voters can get rid of them next time they have an election.

Premier Dilemma has urged the council to reconsider its “disgraceful” decision not to fly the flag but too date has said very little about the problems in his own electorate. Neither have I heard him say anything about instructing police to actually police the state.

Gangsters’ hold on Sydney is safe

I have linked an article by Mianda Devine on the left hand column and will leave it there for awhile to remind us of what the Cronulla riots are all about.

Do read it.

Prominent Australians call us Racist

The usual suspects gather to emphasise how terrible we ordinary Aussies are.

PROMINENT Australians, including a former governor-general and an archbishop, say Sydney’s racial violence is a symptom of deeply worrying divisions in our society.

In an open letter, they call on all Australians – particularly political and community leaders – to reinforce national unity and cultural diversity.

Good idea. Could I suggest we start reinforcing national unity at Lakemba.

The letter has 12 signatories – including Brisbane’s Anglican Primate Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, former governor-general Sir Ninian Stephen, former Victorian governor Sir James Gobbo and Melbourne barrister Julian Burnside QC.

Enough said.

“Putting it all down to alcohol, stupidity or high spirits I think simply hides the problem. Community leaders need to make it very clear right at the outset that racist thinking and racist speech is simply not acceptable in Australia.”

True it does hide the problem; the problem of disfunctional anti-Australian Lebanese thugs who try and inflict their ideas of society on us. The Australians might have been drunk, stupid and in high spirits but the Lebanese were extremely dangerous, vindictive, life threatening and decidedly uncivilized.

I’m getting tired of the empasis on the Aussie guys at Cronulla. All the news releases have centred on these people as if the whole thing happened in a vacuum. This is the effect now move on and ignore the cause. Plenty of coverage of the hundred odd white supremacists in a crowd of thousands, repeated coverage of an Aussie getting charged for holding a tree branch but none of Lebanese holding baseball bats. Ample video of the drunken yobbos uttering hate messages but none of the people at Maroubra getting bashed, having their cars totalled, pistol whipped and forced indoors at gunpoint.

A bit of balance please.

I’ll say it again…most Australians are not racist. The troubles at Cronulla had more to do with culture and a break down in policing than anything else. Any poll that says differently is flying in the face of a long history of people from other lands settling in Australia. If we are so racists why is it that we only have a problem with one very small group of immigrants.

I guess the racist tag fits the Left’s policy of multiculturism. To admit it is anything other racist would force people to question the cultural divide between the Australian open society and the extremist Muslim one, the negative aspects of which the media are studiously ignoring.

Don’t talk about the dysfunctional Lebanese Muslims with their horrendous attitude to woman; don’t discuss the effects of the laisser faireattitudes of NSW policing whereby they stay away from local gang violence and whatever you do don’t mention the overbearing criminal attitudes of so many uneducated Lebanese.

Just show another video clip of a drunken Yobbo mouthing off. He’s the problem…believe us…we are smarter than you.

Don’t think so!

Beach Wars

From the Australian

A SYDNEY magistrate has thrown the book at a 21-year-old man who was at Sunday’s riots in Cronulla, jailing him within hours of his arrest for carrying a tree branch as a weapon in the western suburb of Penrith.

The swift justice happened because the man was charged with carrying an offensive weapon in a public place – a summary offence that is dealt with immediately, usually resulting in a fine.

He was caught carrying the branch at Penrith which must be 30 or 40 kms from Cronulla.

Fair enough too but is he the only one to have been processed so far. The media have reported Lebenese thugs being involved in knife attacks and knifings, pistol shots, baseball attacks on hundreds of civilians and cars, churches burnt down, woman threatened with death and rape, men forced back into their homes at pistol point, shops destroyed with the shop-owners terrified and all we have done is throw the book at an Aussie thug caught carrying a bloody branch.

Give me a break.

THE ringleaders of Sunday’s protest at Cronulla Beach delivered written apologies to Sydney’s Lebanese community yesterday, saying it was meant to be a peaceful protest but spiralled out of control due to alcohol and a lack of leadership.

Troy Denenhy formally apologised to the Lebanese community, police, ambulance officers and the Sutherland Shire for his behaviour, which featured prominently in media coverage of Sunday’s riot.

Now I wait with baited breath for an apology from the Lebanese Muslim community and an undertaking not to attack or insult our woman and kids.

Murdoch guilty of murder

BRADLEY Murdoch was tonight found guilty by a Northern Territory Supreme Court jury of murdering British backpacker Peter Falconio.

The Broome mechanic was also found guilty of assaulting Mr Falconio’s girlfriend Joanne Lees and depriving her of her liberty.

UPDATE:Murdoch gets 28 years