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Queensland and Climate Change

The looney Greens are queuing up to blame Queensland’s current problems as Climate Change caused and pointing out that Carbon Trading will fix the problem.

Greens deputy leader Christine Milne says the cyclone is another example of why it is important … “This is a tragedy, but it is a tragedy of climate change,” she said

Barnaby Joyce ponders;

“Maybe the Greens can now tell us what caused each one of [the cyclone] events back to the early 1800’s as they are obviously self endowed with the omnipotent capacity to do so.”

So tell me again, how will carbon trading change the climate?

Bob Brown – ignorant bastard

GREENS leader Bob Brown is facing mounting condemnation after calling on coal companies to foot the bill for the Queensland flood recovery.

Pig ignorant bastard! Should be locked up in stocks in the biggest coal mining town in Australia so people can throw all their rotting vegetation at him.

Greens losing ground

Good news from Victoria. It’s not just that the Coalition have won but that the Greens didn’t win any seats.

That is a positive for the whole country.

Adam Bandt, the sole federal Greens federal member tries to make a positive out of two negatives as he says;

[….] that a challenge for the future was to start winning seats outright rather than relying on preferences.

“We’re now in a position, even with Liberals preferencing against us, to mount that challenge at the next election.”

Bandt, you are only in parliament because of Liberal preferences. What do you think your chances are that the Federal Libs will do the same next time?

None, according to this article;

THE Greens will find it more difficult to win lower-house seats in state or federal parliaments at future elections.

Senior Liberals have vowed to use the Victorian template of putting the party last as a national strategy to cruel its chances of growing into a genuine third force

See? That’s the real good news.

Greens proving their irrelevance

The Greens as usual miss the point and decide to use their new found power to introduce bills that will only impact on a tiny group of Australians

Greens leader Bob Brown’s decision to introduce a private member’s bill to restore the power of parliaments in the Northern Territory and the ACT to legislate for euthanasia poses a political challenge for the minority Labor government and for Gillard.

and this….

THE Greens have wasted no time flexing their new parliamentary muscles, with senator Sarah Hanson-Young set to introduce same-sex marriage legislation into the upper house later today.

Foreign Affairs…defence…Afghanistan…taxes..Climate Change…nah none of that stuff. Let’s just concentrate on our single issue, small impact, left wing contentious issues.

Stuff the other 90% of the country.

Bob Brown’s wish list

THE terminally ill could be granted the right to die after Prime Minister Julia Gillard backed a conscience vote on restoring the authority of territories to legalise euthanasia.

Where the hell did that come from. I don’t recall the word euthanasia being mentioned once during the election campaign and it doesn’t rate a mention on the ALP website. It is mentioned in press releases on the Greens website but they certainly didn’t put it out in public during the campaign as policy.

Are we condemned to run this country on the whims of a party that represents about 12% of the population?

Here I am worrying about financial stability, border protection, Afghanistan, taxes and the economy generally and the PM says we need to consider euthanasia. It rates with poker machines as a low priority national issue that should be dealt with long after all our other problems

Start running the country Julia and stop pandering to the “I’ve got an idea…let’s do this……or that” left field mutterings of Bob Brown.

The Nuclear debate

One positive I can see from the Greens having power in the Senate come July and a member in the House, is that their insane policies will now come under more public scrutiny.

Senator Scott Ludlam is feeling the poorly after just a tiny bit of scrutiny as he opines on Nuclear Energy.

It is hard to identify where in the mainstream media this debate will be given a chance to develop beyond the juvenile anti-Greens spitting contest we’ve witnessed during the past 48 hours.

Poor diddams…get used to it Scott. Keep on submitting article like this one and you’ll get plenty more anti-Greens spitting

He claims

*it is 40s technology – demonstrably wrong;
*wastes a paragraph pointing out that 16 g of plutonium will reduce a city to ashes which has nothing to do with the debate;
*claims the nuclear industry is military based which it isn’t, and
*that these hybridised weapons plants [are] generating a shrinking fraction of electricity across the world. There was a slight downturn in 2009 mainly due to Japan closing the large Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant in Japan following the Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki earthquake. However, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency there are currently 27 nuclear plants under construction.

Scott mentions the astronomical liabilities of reactor accidents but there really hasn’t been too many accidents. The Three Mile Island partial core melt down resulted in radiation within a ten mile radius being equal to a chest X ray; no one died at the time and no one has proved conclusively that cancers increased in the area over the following years.

The biggest outcome from The TMI accident is that it enhanced the credibility of anti-nuclear groups, who had predicted an accident, and triggered protests around the world.

A lot of noise and colour but no health problems.

As an American friend once explained: In the US, more people have died in the Senator Kennedy’s car than have been killed by Nuclear accidents.

Chernobyl, built by the people who brought you the Trabant car is more of an example of what is wrong with communism rather than Nuclear reactors.

We do need a debate on Nuclear energy and I welcome Scott’s input. It underlines the fact the the Greens-Marxist answer to the worlds problems have no basis in accuracy or fact.

Brown wants to destroy economy

LABOR and trade union figures have ridiculed an offer by the Greens to back a carbon tax if the PM agrees to shut down coal-fired power.

…..Senator Brown wrote to the Prime Minister offering to support legislation putting in place a fixed-carbon price of $23 a tonne from July 1, 2011.

Yesterday Senator Brown said the deal would involve “an end to polluting coal-fired power, a national energy efficiency target and an end to clearance of native forests and woodlands”. “This is breakthrough politics,” he said.

It’s breakthrough politics alright, it’s insane politics from a wacko leader.

Who could possibly vote for a party that has the destruction of the economies of Qld, NSW and Vic as it’s policy?

Greenie watch

A SURVIVOR of Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires has told a royal commission that conservation laws were so strict in her shire that it was illegal to clear away debris on her own property, such as a limb fallen from a tree.

Toni-anne Collins, who lost her 40ha property in Ninks Road, St Andrews, told the Teague royal commission that clearing native vegetation on her property was totally prohibited under rural conservation and environmental regulations.

Kimberly Dripps, a biodiversity director with the state’s Department of Sustainability and Environment,(read Greenie) said that under “like for like” regulations in Victoria, a property owner could remove a eucalypt and replace it with a deciduous tree, so long as they also planted an offsetting eucalypt, or similar tree, elsewhere in the state.

Ms Dripps said tree removal was one of the causes of human-induced climate change.

And people like you, Ms Dipps, are one of the causes of human induced death and, could I point out, the woman was talking about not be allowed to remove dead fall, not cutting down trees. Trees are important to the ecology but humans are important to society and they should be able to clear vegetation close to their houses.

The same people might also expect the local forests to be cleared of dead fall from time to time by winter back-burning to minimize fuel for the bush fires but I guess that’s another subject.

Another mob of dangerous Greenies have done their level best to stifle agriculture in the tropics with the release of their report that only considered the north’s agricultural potential in terms of available groundwater supplies and not surface water and dams.

My old Army mate Dennis Quick now living just south of Cairns has his say;

MOST thinking people would be absolutely gobsmacked by the levels of ideological bias and “Ruddspeak” that has emanated from the Northern Australian Land and Water Taskforce report. The carefully selected Labor replacements of the original taskforce members have published a turgid grab bag of gobbledygook that defies belief. In so doing, they have, in complicity with their political masters, denied many small communities on Cape York and across the Far North, any semblance of real hope for economic and social gain over the coming years.

There is not one substantive recommendation that comes out of the report. It’s nothing but a mirror of the clap trap that emanates from the Wilderness Society and other extremist groups that have captured Labor governments with their preferences blackmail.

The Rudd government put a Greenie in charge to achieve a politically expedient outcome as Senator Boswell notes

…the inclusion on the taskforce of Northern Territory environmentalist Stuart Blanch, who played a role in preventing the territory government from clearing 110,000ha near the Daly River for agriculture.

“The last person you’d put on is a green environmentalist,” Senator Boswell said. “You know what they think before they even go on there . . . they don’t want dams, they just want things left as is and turned into a big national park.”

The problem is, as the election year progresses, green votes will become more and more important to Rudd so we can expect a huge shift to the left in his dealings with the environment.

Its a pity and will damage or put on hold needed development, but like painful and long route marches – they do end and so will the Rudd government.

Looking for Green votes again

ENVIRONMENTAL extremists would be the big winners from a proposal to make it easier for grassroots activists to tackle governments in the courts, a property development industry body has warned.

The warnings, from Urban Taskforce Australia, come after one of the Rudd Government’s key advisers recommended law changes to reduce the financial threat faced by community environment groups entering the legal system.

Dr Allan Hawke has told Environment Minister Peter Garrett that ”public interest” litigation has been hampered by laws forcing groups to prove upfront they can cover the costs of legal teams and delays caused by injunctions to contentious environmental projects.

It’s one of the few ways we have of controlling the idiots. If this becomes law the entire development of the nation will be sitting in the court’s in-trays.

Garrett vetoes Traveston Crossing Dam

garrettWith  the Australian lungfish, the Mary River turtle and Mary River cod now promoted up the food chain to a position higher than humans I trust Head Greenie Garrett has an answer for Queenslands water problems.

This is the second dam that the Greenies have killed in in Queensland over the last 10 odd years with no increase in infrastructure to accommodate population increases.

How do we rid ourselves of these Green pests?

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