SA closes down

It would appear that in strong winds wind turbines have to be feathered and as strong winds are generally associated with rain as well then the solar panels don’t work either. Thus entire state of South Australia is currently without power. I see the SA Premier on TV advising people to “reach out to neighbours” Could I suggest that they “reach out to Greenies and politicians who listen to them and throttle them” Just watch and listen now as progressives turn this SA storm into the greatest weather event ever.  They need to detract us from the fact that it was no worse than we endure in Queensland every year. Reported in The Australian – one comment from Gregory attracted my eye
This is the biggest media beatup I’ve ever read. I have been in the city and Adelaide hills all day.  The weather bureau reports 22mm of rain since 9am, falling roughly over a 6 hour period. The wind has averaged 22kmh with gusts to 32kmh. This press and the bureau are just trying to make an excuse for our inept power infrastructure.
Should be fun as politicians get inventive explaining how a summer storm can stop a first world city.    

Hanson upsets The Greens

From a speech in the Senate yesterday;
If you are not prepared to become Australian and give this country your undivided loyalty, obey our laws and respect our culture and way of life, then I suggest you go back where you came from.
Sounds reasonable to me and therefore to millions of Australians however as it is from a speech by Hanson then it will be attacked ad nauseum I’m not a fan of Hanson’s but she did get the Greens to walk out of the Senate yesterday and that’s always good for the country. Whereas I’m not a fan of Hanson I am a fan of freedom of speech and not only when I agree with the speaker. Obviously the Greens aren’t as they walked out of the Senate, a house of debate, during Hanson’s speech.

The Greens walk out of the Senate

By not staying and debating the issue I have to assume they do not think immigrants should show loyalty, obey our laws or respect our culture and way of life. Strange cattle these Greens.

LNP announce useless gun amnesty

I see the government has announced a gun amnesty to “get illegal weapons off the street” according to Justice Minister Michael Keenan. On ABC TV he indicated “Grandfather’s old gun” needed to be handed in. From today’s Oz;
Mr Keenan said the amnesty was aimed at reducing the number of guns in the “illegal and grey market”. “Some of that will be somebody who might have grandpa’s old gun in the back shed that wasn’t registered that we want handed in,” he said But the Justice Minister did not explain how the government would entice criminals to hand in their illegal firearms.
The last sentence is the killer. I can’t see the Middle Eastern organized crime gangs in western Sydney, the Melbourne drug syndicates nor the Bikie gangs having round table discussions as to how best they can get all their illegal weapons collected and handed in. Isn’t going to happen but some ordinary guy will hand in Grandfather’s gun for altruistic reasons, the government will say “look how we are dealing with the problem” and they aren’t. In the case of Farhad Jabhar who shot and killed Curtis Cheng at Parramatta in October, he didn’t have legal access to firearms. Nor did he have a firearms licence or own a firearm. The weapon used, a handgun, wasn’t legally registered.. Alameddine, who gave the gun to Jabhar allegedly sourced the weapon from a Middle Eastern organised crime gang operating in western Sydney. This type of weapon, it appears, may be obtained for a few hundred dollars. The government can’t legislate criminals into law abiding citizens. That takes policing and a good start would be increasing surveillence of imports as indicated by this link which highlights gun smuggling through Australia Post. Again from The Oz;
The bottom line is that Australia’s laws don’t allow easy access to firearms, and lawful access to semiautomatic or automatic weapons is extremely restricted and heavily monitored. But the problem in counter-terrorism isn’t those who operate within Australia’s gun laws: it’s the criminal alliance between the gangs that control the illegal firearms markets and the terrorists they’ll trade with. We need an enhanced understanding of the crossover points to combat both national security challenges.
Policing, not legislation.

Sunday morning

JP work Sunday morning. I’ve just authorized a Search Warrant for the police to search the residence of a woman who has been accused of injecting heroin and using methamphetamines (Ice) in the presence of her 12 month old baby. She has also been accused of telling her older kids that they can get their first heroin hit when their age reaches double figures. As in 10 years old! My daughter and her 1 month old baby should be here soon for coffee – that should cheer me up.

Greatest invasion ever!

Turnbull says we invaded Australia- Abbott said we occupied. If it was an invasion then the 245 marines that accompanied Phillip would have been the greatest force multiplier ever assembled. Statistically greater than the D Day force at Normanby or Ghengis Khan’s mob that overrun Europe. 7.7million square kilometers, hundreds of thousands of locals and 245 Marines sorted them out. Not only did they do this but they did it with Phillip stating Rules of Engagement that ordered them to treat the Aboriginals kindly and to establish harmonious relations with them. Abbott is right and the Invasion mob should stop playing around with the English language.  


Eddie McGuire drops a line and the perpetually offended attack.  Twitter explodes and the CEO of the AFL gets confused about what the letters AFL actually mean. Just days after the AFL launched a women’s league to begin next year and also signed up to the Our Watch campaign aimed at stamping out violence towards women, the AFL chief conceded the league still had much work to do.
“We still have a long way to go. Our sport must lead,” he said. “Casual language and jokes about threats to women are part of the problem. “Footy has to be an increasing part of the solution.”
“Footy has to be an increasing part of the solution.” No it doesn’t footy has to be footy! I’m sick of AFL playing the social justice card – they are there to entertain the masses with football. Just play football and leave the rest to the Social Justice Warriors.  There’s plenty of them and they need something to maintain their angst.

Diggers not convinced Islam is peaceful

Cultural sensitivity training fails, as it should.
The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believes the Muslim religion promotes ­violence and terrorism, despite “cultural sensitivity training” by the ADF to have its soldiers take the view that Islam is a religion of peace.
Good. I see they’re not swayed by the views of the politically correct brigade.
The bombshell new study sponsored by the army finds that such “anti-Muslim sentiments” are “probably quite widespread” among Australian frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the military’s efforts to reverse this trend are counter-productive.
It might be a bombshell to some but those who inhabit the real world would wonder why on earth any one would be surprised that an Army that has been fighting Muslims for more than ten years would not think they are a religion of peace. All Muslim’s aren’t peaceful and Islam isn’t a religion of peace. The term Cultural Sensitivity Training is cop-out to the politically correct however Cultural Training by itself is fine. Prior to my sojourns to South East Asia I was lectured and read all I could about the Vietnamese culture  and whereas I accepted the Vietnamese civilians were sometimes peaceful I didn’t trust them. And no one suggested that communism was a peaceful ideology. The good Doctor’s final sentence is enlightening.
Dr Miller said more work should be done by the ADF to get a better understanding of the issue, but the problem was that “the open expression of anti-Muslim sentiment in the ADF can and has led to disciplinary charges and dismissal.”
So it’s an offence to be anti-enemy. Wow – we used to encourage it. Full article here Picture show Religion of Peace chaps winning hearts and minds

Help, the critters are killing us

Perth, WA. A shark described by witnesses as more than 5.3m long has killed a 60-year-old woman at a popular reef off Perth’s northern suburbs, the second fatal shark attack in five days in Western Australia.
Yesterday’s death, the 15th fatal shark attack in Western Australia since 2000, has brought fresh scrutiny to the Barnett government’s divisive shark mitigation strategy.
The scrutiny is from the Greens and their mates on Sea Sheppard who believe that sharks are higher up the food chain than humans and that no one should try and make beaches safe. It is the shark’s domain, don’t you know! Well yes, it is.  Just as the North Queensland rivers are the croc’s territory, however it is also ours.  Humans have been going down to the sea and rivers since we started and using them as a transport route or a source of food. So doing nothing is not an answer.  Crocs in the northern part of  Australia need culling. There are more than 150,000 of the critters and local tourist mobs say there are more in the north than anywhere in the world. More than anywhere else because the Greens have the power of veto with anything that you can tag the word “Eco” on. I’m not sure that longstanding use of baited hooks – or drum lines – in regions such as Queensland is the way to go.  This article says no but since 2000 there have been 5 Queensland deaths compared to WA’s 10 and considering Queensland has a greater population then there has to be something in it. Australia has more crocodiles than anywhere else and more shark fatalities . Surely that’s a case to do something. Maybe this gives us hope- from Wikipedia;
Shark Shield is a personal electronic device that creates an electromagnetic field to deter shark attacks and is used by surfers, scuba divers,spearfishing, and ocean kayak fishing. The electrical wave-form used in the Shark Shield is based on a technology originally invented by theKwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board of South Africa in the 1990s, releasing the SharkPOD (Protective Oceanic Device or simply POD).The Shark Shield device was developed by the Australian company SeaChange Technology Pty Ltd, and commercialized by its trading company Shark Shield Pty Ltd established in October 2006.
Sea Change Technology are in South Australia
The field is projected from two electrodes, which create an elliptical field that surrounds the user. Both electrodes must be immersed in the water for the field to be created. Research conducted by The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) in 2012 estimated the Shark Shield electrical field to be approximately four to five meters in diameter.
Wow! The Safas have a space agency – who knew. The generated field doesn’t seem big enough to protect an entire beach but if the Safa’s Space Agency(I still can’t believe it) can do something, can CSIRO or private enterprise extend the range? Whatever, we need to do something and soon. Stop listening to the Greens, ignore Sea Sheppard, net the beaches and do some serious research. Here’s a chance for Malcom or Bill to do something to really help.  In the midst of a frenzied spendathon how about a bit of seed money for research. Link to The South African National Space Agency (SANSA).  A search for Shark Shield doesn’t get any results but it does prove it exists          
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