Don’t believe him

Let’s see now; we charge industry money for producing carbon and when they pass the cost onto the consumer we compensate the consumer with the money we charged industry in the first place. At least that’s my take from Krudds latest promise
But Mr Rudd said 2.9 million low-income families would be fully compensated for the rises. And 2.6 million of those – 90 per cent – would get a windfall, with compensation totalling 120 per cent of cost rises. There would be cash assistance for 3.6 million middle-income households, half of which would be fully compensated for extra expenses. Single pensioners would get an extra $455 a year as compensation and couples $686, Mr Rudd said. The money would come from forcing industries to buy permits for the tonnage of carbon pollution they produced.
Is there anyway we could look at supporting and sponsoring R & D on alternative power sources instead of just taxing us? Maybe cut out the middle man!  For example, some of those billions spent on handouts and school halls could’ve been spent on research, surely? Maybe he could even support the solar industry Oh, and keep in mind Krudd’s promises are based on what? There has been zero reports on costings of his ETS so if he is going to make promises can we also be privy to the maths. Take it from me right now and here – no one will be better off if this government has their way with the ETS mark I or even II or III for that matter. And that includes the environment.

Copenhagen final

If you are disappointed in the outcome of the Greenie – Latter Day Alarmists convention you should diversify your reading.  The UN do not, as a rule, produce outcomes – they talk. The UN could’ve saved a fortune and just paid for the telephone hook-up between Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao I’m not the only cynic – Frank Furedi says;
What so many of the commentaries overlook is that international conferences have a solid track record of achieving next to nothing. Global jamborees are essentially talking shops that provide political leaders with an opportunity to strike a statesman-like pose. These are essentially photo opportunities for politicians who want to be seen to be doing something. As for the ever growing industry of international non-governmental organisations, summits are important public relations events that help demonstrate their importance. That is why both political leaders and the protesters have a common interest in maintaining the illusion that something really important may occur in Copenhagen. And if not here and now, then there will be a chance at Copenhagen + 5, and Copenhagen + 10.
Seems about right to me. The failure of Copenhagen gives us a chance to actually have a reasonable debate on what we can actually do about Climate Change. I’d suggest the short answer is nothing unless we learn to alter the relative positions of the Earth and the Sun but that shouldn’t stop us looking for alternative power sources and trying to clean up our act. Anyone who says Tuvalu is going to be swamped under metres of rising seawater should be barred from the debate, so should those who claim the Barrier Reef has a  terminal Climate Warming disease.  Hyperbole should be ignored which rules out most Left Wing members of the church and balanced science and reason needs to prevail. Put downs like “Denier” and “Flat Earther” need to be exorcised from the lexicon as they smack of religious persecution.  To call me a “Flat Earther” doesn’t contribute to the debate, it justs puts it on hold until reason prevails. If the media, and KRudd can claim weather anomalies like unseasonable heat waves in Sydney are evidence of  Global Warming why isn’t the reverse true with parts of the US and Europe currently under seige from blizzards.  If it’s hot it’s Global Warming; if it’s cold it’s just weather and all this despite the fact that evidence points to Global Cooling. We haven’t had a debate yet; all we’ve had is members of a new religion doing their best to frighten the women and kids into converting and calling all skeptics names. If an inconvenient truth is mentioned the response is name calling. If the integrity and balance of scientific reports are questioned the response is the same. If the Spanish Inquisition chaps were still in power skeptics would lighting up the night skies as the Greens and members of Disciplinary body of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists tied us to stakes and cleansed us of our sins by fire.

This is plain crazy

ruddwongAUSTRALIA faces having to make a hefty payout to help developing countries such as China and India cope with climate change in order to clinch a deal in Copenhagen. Despite Australia facing a domestic Budget deficit of about $50 billion for the coming year, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong told The Sunday Mail from Copenhagen that Australia would have to contribute to so-called climate “abatement” funds if India and China were to come into the climate-change tent. The thought of making a ‘hefty’ payment to India and China with their huge Defence forces, space programs, fiscal surpluses and nuclear arsenals is bizarre, plain and simple and the sooner we get Rudd, Wong and their idiot followers home the better.

Why are the states in Copenhagen

cop15Kevin Rudd has defended the size of the delegation Australia is taking to the Copenhagen climate summit. The Australian contingent numbers 114, more than the 71 being sent by the British government, The Australian said on Friday
The Australian delegation was larger than the British contingent because the UK did not have state governments, he said. “We extend an invitation to (officials at the state level) and they come,” Mr Rudd said.
Why? Are the state governments going to sign up their respective states to a treaty or are they just there as part of the Greens/Church of the Latter Day Alarmists gabfest and revival meeting. Surely the latter.

Grim stuff

cop151In the deep past Australia was inflicted with an add that had “Grim Death” in a bowling ally getting strikes with the pins being women, crying children and overt hetrosexual men.  The message was that everyone is subject to Aids and it was simply designed to frighten us. “Could kill more Australians than World War II” says the man. There, that should frighten them. It was wrong and didn’t frighten me. It actually struck me as a misrepresentation of the problem.  If you didn’t have sex with drug addicted, needle sharing partners, women with bisexual partners or homosexuals you were pretty safe.  And in the Australian context I was right. I draw a parallel with this and anthropogenic climate change.  I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories nor do I answer willingly to ‘Flat Earther’ or ‘Denier’ but what I do believe is that a certain type of ideology will support a stand and the opposing ideology won’t.  It is a case, once again of Left versus Right with those in between, apolitical people as it were, being saturated with doubtful data from the media that some of them believe and some don’t. Philip Stevens, in todays Oz touches on the old Aids debate and points out the self fulfilling practices of UN bodies;
The UN in 1996 merged all its disparate AIDS advocacy, policy-making, funding and scientific activities into one, UNAIDS. AIDS activists suddenly had a lavishly funded UN agency to support their political agenda, so governments would spend the billions they demanded. UNAIDS was also responsible for interpreting scientific data about the pandemic. Year after year, its supposedly scientific updates predicted devastating heterosexual pandemics all over the world, with alarmingly high existing HIV-AIDS infections.
By the early 2000s, though, it was becoming increasingly apparent to outside experts that UNAIDS was distorting the science. UNAIDS was accused of ignoring peer-reviewed studies that showed the pandemic peaked in the mid-1990s. Its estimates of the numbers of infections globally seemed too high. Until last year, it claimed that without a significant increase in resources, Asia was at high risk of a generalised heterosexual AIDS pandemic — even though reputable epidemiologists knew such a thing was impossible.
Maybe we could redo the old Grim Reaper in the bowling ally with cute Polar Bears , Tuvali residents and a brace of Skeptics being knocked over – should get a few converts.


cop15 As Greenie royalty and Elders of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists gather in Copenhagen the media is awash with articles and programmes designed to panic us mortals into believing the world has an immediate problem and we had better all convert and start singing hymns of praise or surely Armageddon will follow. Al Gore was on Letterman, a documentary on CH 9 had mandatory video of the spring thaw to prove that global warming was real and about to kill us all while Tony and Leigh on Lateline display their fully paid up status as ‘front pew’ members of the church. I recently had very bad experience. I was traveling across the Nullabor Plains and when I left the western edge it was obvious that Turnbull’s days were numbered and the last report I had was Joe Hockey was a front runner to replace him. Now I don’t mind Joe but he is from the same ‘wet’ mold as Turnbull and his ascension would be a case of ‘same difference’. It took me two days to get to Ceduna in SA, the first town where I could buy The Australian Hallelulia! my country had escaped a bullet. Tony had the call and called it immediately – no ETS! Rudd had Turnbull by the short and curlies to the extent that he was going to support the ETS without understanding it. Rudd was trying to force it through the Senate to give him credibilty at Copenhagen without having explained the ramifications of the bill to the populace, the Opposition, the Senate or half his own party and definitely without any debate. I was amused to read that Rudd was quoted as saying the heat waves at Sydney at the time were a result of Global Warming. Such statement smacks of desperation – an outright lie but some may swallow it. The ETS is buried and now, and only now, we may have a debate on Climate Change and the best way to handle it. The Coalition is a conservative party so no good was ever going to come of moderate leaders. Since the last election all the conservatives in Australia, and there are millions of us, were not represented in the Parliament. Much was made of the latest polls and the two by-elections but those two events were very much in the early days of Tony Abbott’s chairmanship and thus are only a very brief glimpse into where we are heading. Some pundits even suggested the by-elections would be a vote for the ETS and AGW. If they were, then the people have spoken and they have said they are more worried about the ETS than Global Warming and we would like to think about it some more. I did however take heart from Radio National pre-election propaganda as I traveled over the Hay Plains. All doom and gloom for the Libs as obviously the voters were going to beat them up and throw them out what with the Party having the temerity to elect Tony as leader. The Greens were quoted every 15 minutes on how the Libs had killed their chances and pundits were busy tallying up the Greens potential gain. Never happened as I knew it wouldn’t but the next morning the ABC were full of “despite predictions, polls and the fact that Abbott is a conservative” amazingly they were reelected with snatches of Bob Brown saying what a good result it was for the Greens. Yeah, right Bob.

Tony Abbott under fire

tony_abbottTHE head of the world’s top climate research body has compared Tony Abbott to former US president and climate sceptic George W. Bush and conceded the failure of Australia’s cap and trade carbon bill has given momentum to climate naysayers worldwide. Good! If there is one thing we need right now it’s some debate on the subject.


blighQUEENSLAND motorists will be able to offset their carbon emissions through a new scheme announced during climate talks today.
State Environment Minister Kate Jones and Transport Minister Rachel Nolan announced the Reverse the Effect program at Parliament House in Brisbane where the Queensland Climate Change Summit was being held. Under the scheme, motorists will receive a flyer with their car registration renewal notice giving them the option to also pay a fee to offset their carbon emissions.
Reverse the Effect program we really need in Queensland is a new government to reverse all the rubbish Anna Bligh and her lightweights are dreaming up.

Libs doubting Rudd’s ETS

turnbullLIBERAL Party frontbenchers have begun to dump their support for carbon emissions trading after receiving party research showing voters are increasingly skittish about putting a price on carbon. Despite Malcolm Turnbull’s ongoing attempts to broker a deal with Labor that would clear the way for Kevin Rudd’s proposed ETS, political hardheads among the Liberals are moving closer to the Nationals’ view that endorsing carbon trading is political poison. In an online poll 79% of readers of The Australian do not understand how the proposed ETS will cut greenhouse gases and therein lies the problem. Explain it to us Kevin, or Penny and tell us how your ETS will help Mother Earth hold back the tide of natural climate variations. If it’s going to cost me more to live I want to know I’m actually helping in a constructive way.

Blackout Night

Viv Forbes, chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, today came out in support of Earth Hour – but said it should be renamed “Blackout Night” and held outdoors, for the whole night, in mid-winter, on the shortest and coldest day of the year – 22 June in the Southern Hemisphere.
“Spending just one night in the cold and the dark, with no hot coffee or beef on the barbecue, using no light, heat or vehicle energy from coal, gas, petrol or diesel, and without protection from metal or concrete structures, would be good practice for the blackouts and shortages to come if world rationing of carbon products and carbon energy is achieved,” he said.
More I thought I might go for a long drive in my vehicle nicknamed “Global Warmer with Middle Finger V8 package” and run over a Prius or two.
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