This is plain crazy

ruddwongAUSTRALIA faces having to make a hefty payout to help developing countries such as China and India cope with climate change in order to clinch a deal in Copenhagen. Despite Australia facing a domestic Budget deficit of about $50 billion for the coming year, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong told The Sunday Mail from Copenhagen that Australia would have to contribute to so-called climate “abatement” funds if India and China were to come into the climate-change tent. The thought of making a ‘hefty’ payment to India and China with their huge Defence forces, space programs, fiscal surpluses and nuclear arsenals is bizarre, plain and simple and the sooner we get Rudd, Wong and their idiot followers home the better.


  • Hi Kev, I did not want to get into this situation again ie replying to blogs, but, here goes. I have been doing a lot of reading for a long time about this so called global warming. Followed the story from Maggie Thatchers speech to the united nations in the early eighties, (yes M Thatcher Bsc started this crap)to the absolute tripe that is happening now. I read a while back on b browns green website how all greenies should be proud of stopping the farmers from clear felling as that action has put AUSTRALIA IN THE POSITION OF BEING ALMOST CARBON NEUTRAL ie imaginary nasties in – lots more trees left to absorb nasties. solution Australia plants more trees becomes 120% carbon neutral gives the flipper to the un. Regards Redneck

  • I understand your position – being the biggest emitter on per capits basis.

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