Delta Goodrem has cancer. If

Delta Goodrem has cancer. If the article in the Courier Mail hadn’t mentioned that Delta is a singer and Neighbours star I woudn’t have known who she was and yet she gets front page treatment. This article has paragraph leaders like; Wearing blue slacks and sporting a new hairstyle and A black BMW hire car with tinted windows drove through waiting photographers to drop the singer and Neighbours star at the entry to the clinic. and thus sets the tone for children and other Neighbours fans but misses the vast majority of the paper’s readers. I do feel sorry for the girl as she suffers press coverage during what could only be a traumatic time in her life, but I also feel sorry for thousands of cancer sufferers who, while not TV stars, have worked hard, contributed to society in meaningful ways, and in some cases, significant ways, and will never get front page treatment – just 2 centimetres in the Death Notices.