Wallabies and Socceroos Win

I'm not a soccer fan but I am Australian and I'll watch any representative team on the world stage. I flicked back and forth last night for 80 minutes but got bored with the 1:0 score and gave up thinking, "Oh well, they tried". I flicked back just a few minutes later and had missed two goals. I saw the third goal and I applaud the team. If they go no further they have been further than any previous team and they deserve our praise for that. At 2:00 am while conducting JP work for the local police, I was chatting with the guys and the conversation turned to rugby and the Wallaby win against the Poms on saturday night. My point was that much was made during the game, of the 20 phase play by the Poms, but more should have been made of the answering 20 phase defence by the Aussies. The entire 20 phases were played with one promotional sign - 'Bundaberg' in the background. 20 phases over a 20 metre square doesn't bode well for the Poms. The game was rivetting and I would never dreamt of flicking channels - I would have definitely missed a try, a near try or some clever play. With the Socceroos, to return after 20 minutes woud normally present no change and that made last nights game so different. The rugby was a scrappy game but we did win and it bodes well for us in the future. Let's see how the Poms come back next Saturday night at Sydney. As for the Socceroos, I'll try and stick to watching the entire game next time

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  • The world loves soccer.

    Though the fear remains that the nymphets of the Australian Netball Team would clean this lot up with a couple of hip and shoulders and that is the point; soccer is essentially a non-contact sport in the basketball category trying to be seriously intense in a way that only a contact sport can be.

    The writhing and the pouting for the benefit of the ref when one of these heroes fall over must be out of a coaching manual. A bit of a tap and they seem to collapse like a spine shot poodle.
    Every “tackle” produces a tantrum and my rugby playing kids can’t believe the verbal rubbish directed at the ref.

    The WC is exposing soccer to laughter from the young male demographic it must impress if it is to prosper outside ethnic groups.
    It seems if Latin whiners are the benchmark world’s best players… they are not attractive role models, at least in my house.