This article in the London

This article in the London Times raises several questions and answers none. The left wing antics of the BBC and some ineptidude of Government bodies has left a family bereaved by the apparent suicide of Dr David Kelly. Dr Kelly, an expert on Iraq and its WMD programmes tabled a report to Defence that the BBC claimed was then tarted up . The BBC used an interview with Dr Kelly as a base for their claim that the final report was embellished to lend support to the case for the War. In an inquiry, Dr Kelly stated that he didn’t recognise his words in the beat up leaving all to ponder the veracity of Gilligan, the senior BBC journalist and the Governing board of the BBC as they refused to name their source. Apparently principles of journalism are selectively applied. It is worth emphasising that Dr Kelly had no doubt that Saddam Hussein had the intent and expertise to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction. His concern was whether the nature of this programme was correctly represented and his personal mission was to return to Iraq to find evidence of those weapons I can understand why the BBC procrastinated in identifying their source as he still believed their actually was WMDs and this definitely dosen’t fit the BBCs ideology. Update: BBC staff are panicking but more than half of the press try to pass the ball to Blair. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Update #2: I will keep updateing the Kelly case so we can watch the Media and left-wing commentators continue to try and sheet the blame to Blair, rather than with the BBC where, considering all reported evidence to date, the blame should reside. This article from FrontPage, a US news service, reflects on the facts. The final chapter in this story hasn’t been written yet so I’ll wait for a final call.