DVA ‘Woke’ Letterhead

I don’t have an issue with DVA but this came to my notice and I do have an issue with this type of woke rubbish.

The Veterans, the reason the department exists, gets a throw-away line at the end of paragraph.

Just to save you the trouble of looking it up, the last flag on the right is the ‘trans pride’ flag.  It’s hard to think of a woke meme these bureaucrats have overlooked.  All that is lacking is the writer’s pronouns. 

From a Quadrant article by Peter O’Brien


  • “Pay respect to Elders past and present” is usually followed by “and future”.
    Who are they?
    And this isn’t just a recognition of the indigenous. It is statement of highraky that’s not expected from the queens subjects enymore.

  • On hearing the story spoken in an indigenous language the last word spoken was “future” in English. Would that be because there is no future in the indigenous language????

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