Albo’s going to change the media

As expected, change is imminent

But it’s not just politics that the new PM wants to change – he wants to change the media as well. Diary hears that Albanese has told confidantes that he was “appalled” by the behaviour of a press pack that became increasingly vocal during the campaign to try to catch him out.

He must be talking about the media’s frustration at him not answering questions and of course, his inability and/or failure to answer questions, simply invites gotcha tactics from the media.

We’re also told that, emboldened by his win, he’s now on a one-man crusade to improve the “civility” of discourse in press conferences under his leadership. And if that means journalists who yell or interrupt him are actively demoted down the pecking order of those allowed to ask him questions, so be it.

I’m not sure it’s a good tactic to attack the media so good luck with that. A better tactic from his point of view would be to only allow ABC journalists at media briefings.

There you go mate, great advice for free.

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