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Crazy stuff from Queensland

The Queensland government is now set to introduce reforms to parliament that the attorney general, Shannon Fentiman, says will modernise birth certificates to make sure a person’s legal identity matches their lived identity.

Hey Shannon, it’s a birth certificate not a life certificate. No one can look at a newborn and say “this baby’s lived identity is going to be…..”

The bill will also allow for two mothers or two fathers on a birth certificate, or for them simply to be listed as parents. And while parents will still need to register a sex for their child in the registry, it would no longer appear on the certificate unless parents opt for it.

A baby can’t have two mothers or two fathers. The parent might have a girlfriend or boyfriend and that’s fine but let’s not confuse the issue.

Oh, and many people does this effect?

Very few so we are making system changing decisions for a few that will impact on the majority.

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